Heidi and Derek Pre-wedding

Heidi and Derek Pre-wedding

It’s just two-month-time before their wedding.
Heidi and Derek have their pre-wedding photos shot in Taiwan. Showing me the photos, they told me that they are not very happy. To provide them with what they want, I tried to ask:
Where do you think the problems lie?
What do you want from me?
No solid answer as usual…haha! Perhaps it’s difficult to tell, so I made a guess on what they really want. I hope you will like them, Heidi and Derek. Enjoy!

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  1. Kate Tse

    Hello! all the photos are brilliant!! we ‘re very interested to have a pre-wedding shoot, could you please send me the price list?? Thanks!

  2. Kareena

    Hi Daniel, Am a friend of Katy and she recommended you to me. We are looking to get our Pre-wedding shoots done in Jan or Feb 2012, can you pls send us your rate card? Thanks!

  3. Phoebe Leung

    Hi Daniel, we want to take pre-wedding photo in Paris during July to September 2013. Is it too early to check with your schedule right now? Anyway, please kindly send me the package details for reference.

  4. Joejoe

    Hi~!! Daniel, we ‘re very interested to have a pre-wedding shoot, could you please send the rate card to mee ?? Thanks! I am thinking to take it in HK/Macau or Shanghai

  5. Daniel Tam Photography

    Hi Zenki,

    Thanks for your interest in our service. We have sent you the rate cards to you. Please check your mailbox. Thanks again.

  6. Amie

    I am interested in your photographic service, it’s very fanastic!!! Would you please send me the rate card for pre-wedding both local and overseas.
    If overseas pre-wedding shot in Jun-Jul next year, any place suggested?

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