Jennifer and Alan Pre-wedding

Jennifer and Alan Pre-wedding


“The new trend of engagement photos looks a bit gloomy to me. What I am looking for is something really simple and lively, but filled with joy and happiness,” Jennifer said. Well, it’s easy with her great personality — as Alan and her is definitely the cutest and the most energetic couple that I have ever shot. They lightened the whole photo-session and all of us had shared an enjoyable day together.
Reviewing their photos, I recall a very important concept — brides’ smiles are unbeatable! A picture of a smiling bride with a simple pose actually needs no post-processing at all, as it shows the best of the bride already. Look at our gorgeous Jennifer! The pictures show it all!

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  1. Min

    your photos are amazing and I really found what I exactly want~
    Is that really possible to take photos in my old secondary school? or even some government dept, says hospital?
    Apart from that, would you mind sending me your price list?

  2. Carrie

    The photos look amazing! And this is what I’m looking for. Can you please send me the rate card for pre-wedding photos? If I’d like to take photo at school, do I need to liaise by myself or can you do so? Thanks!!

  3. Daniel Tam Photography

    Hi Carrie,

    Thanks for your interest in our service. Please kindly check your mailbox for our rate card. Thanks again.

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