Teresa and Hak Chai Prewedding (HK)

Teresa and Hak Chai Prewedding (HK)

Photos created in a primary school might not be as WOW as those taken with the great waves and beautiful scenery, yet it might mean a lot to a couple. Went to the primary school side by side, Teresa and Hak Chai now go to the church hand in hand.

Thus, their school is definitely a must-go, right?


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  1. nam

    I’m so impressed by your work!
    Would please send me the ratecard of wedding day to me?
    and do u have 2P1V with same day edit package?

  2. Daniel Tam Art Gallery

    Hi Fairy,

    Thanks for your interest in our photographic service. Please kinly check your mailbox for our service rate. Thanks a lot.

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