Testimony 41-44

Testimony #41

Dicky and Bump (Prewedding)Review Dicky an Bum 06

This memory is only as good as the photographs. There are only a limited number of times in your adulthood that you can howl at the moon, and wedding is one of those few occasions. That’s why we had been trying so hard at looking for a professional photographer. After months of researching, we found Daniel Tam Ka Nam. Unfortunately it was too late for our big day on 12/12/12 as he has been booked by others already. Luckily, he can take our pre-wedding set! We decided to go to Beijing, the cultural centre of China where beautiful places and ancient architectures can be located. To be honest, I was a bit worried before the trip as I didn’t have any experience on posing. I have to say “thanks a lot” to @Danial Tam Photography for 100000 times (I think it’s still not enough! hahaha). Daniel had helped me on that a lot. He is very friendly and was being very helpful on posing and showing us where the best locations are. Needless to say, the results were incredible. Actually I don’t need to tell, as you can prove it from our photos!!!! How wonderful they are! Thank u, Daniel, again, for creating such beautiful.

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Testimony #42

Josephine and Thomas (Pregnancy)

Review Josephine and Thomas 01 Hi Daniel,這些說話一直在我心中一年,今日終於趁Kady訓了找到些時間給你寫post
thanks you all so much!!

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Testimony #43

Stephanie and Dion (Prewedding)

Review Stephanieand Dion 01 Our pre-wedding pictures taken at Firenze came back!
Heart felt appreciation to Daniel Tam Ka Nam and the crew for such wonderful and artistic pictures. We love every single one of them, and the shoot was and will continue to be a very memorable experience to us.
Great things are happening in the coming 3 months, and we look forward to celebrating such an important occasion with our dearest friends and families in the UK and HK.

Extremely blessed with an eventful day surrounded by warm-hearted people, the talented photographer Daniel Tam Ka Nam and the attentive crew. We knew beforehand we would be in great hands regardless of any change of weather, and their professional and impeccable skills on the day surpass any of our expectations. They are willing to go above and beyond just to get the perfect picture, and we are sure that the outcome will be great with so much hearty effort put into every single shot!

Heart felt appreciation for capturing such an important stage of our lives.

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Testimony #44

Heidi and Stanley (Prewedding)

Review Heidi and Stanley 01Thank you so much again! Our prewedding shoots are incredibly amazing and you have made our wedding even more special and memorable!

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