Beth and Wayne Wedding Day Photography – Hong Kong Ocean Park Marriott Hotel

Beth and Wayne Wedding Day Photography – Hong Kong Ocean Park Marriott Hotel

Beth and Wayne

I had the good fortune of being commissioned as the wedding day photographer for Beth and Wayne. The couple had decided on a traditional tea ceremony, a Chinese wedding ritual treasured to this day. It would be followed by a reception and banquet at Hong Kong Ocean Park Marriott Hotel.

Becoming a bride

The bride set the day into motion with a simple ‘Beth loves Wayne’ graffiti on the window. She looked incredible in her red hung kwa, and shared a few touching moments with her mother – looking beautiful in her updo – and her bridesmaids, who were eagerly waiting to see their friend in her bridal attire.

Hong Kong Ocean Park Marriott Hotel

The hotel offers a generous 14,531 square feet of event space and a choice of six venues to hold wedding receptions, including a banquet hall with seating capacity of 1,200 and two outdoor venues beautified by natural elements and offering sufficient privacy for wedding guests.

The outdoor venue allowed me to shoot in natural lighting conditions. I had ample opportunity to take a variety of shots from different angles. I wanted to capture the emotions of the couple’s special day, and there were plenty of happy tears everywhere. Beth was also overcome at one point, and Wayne tenderly wiped her tears away. It was a beautiful moment!

Sisterhood on full display

Wedding photographers in Hong Kong know that their job isn’t done until the bridesmaids have posed up a storm! Before the solemn tea ceremony, Beth’s bridesmaids let their hair down a little, showing off delicacies on a plate, giggling about girly stuff that I wasn’t supposed to get, and really being themselves, which I was grateful for as that meant a bunch of amazing natural photos!

Joking groomsmen

Wayne’s friends were also determined to have fun and created an appropriately light atmosphere to relax Wayne before the rituals. Bridesmaids and groomsmen united to create a festive mood that enveloped the entire room. Yes, I was feeling it too!

A nod to customs

Beth’s chaperone held a red umbrella over her, fulfilling the age-old custom of protecting the bride from a mythical bird that attacks anything red. Wayne received Beth as she arrived majestically in the car. Both struck a happy pose inside the vehicle.

The tea ceremony is an enduring tradition where the couple is formally introduced to their respective families. The groom fetches the bride to his home in the mornings, while the tea ceremony for the bride’s family is held in the afternoon after she returns home from the groom’s house.

Couples may also decide to have a tea ceremony for both families before the dinner reception at the hotel. In this case, the groom’s family is first served tea in a private room, followed by the same for the bride’s family.

I wanted to make sure I was able to capture the couple’s tea ceremony from different angles. Beth and Wayne bowed respectfully before their elders before serving them sweet tea, which is believed to bring happiness to the couple and ensure good relations between the couple’s families. One of my favorite photos is that of Wayne’s mother touching Beth lovingly on her cheeks as he looks on. You could see how happy Wayne’s mother was to welcome Beth into the family.

Wayne’s dad also became sentimental, and seemed to be really feeling the mood of the tea ceremony. He was also a tad bit camera shy, so the photos you see of him are candid shots.

Fashionista bride

Beth was a radiant bride, her vivid hung kwa accessorized with bangles that made her look like royalty. She smiled her pretty smile and looked pleased as she received red envelopes from guests. Wayne snuck in a moment to hug his bride, creating an opportunity for me to take a romantic photo of the couple.

Photoshoot of bride and groom

There was only one word to describe Beth’s wedding gown – sexy! She carried off her attire with grace and poise, posing really well so I could draw focus to her gown’s design and her elegant Cartier and Chaumet jewelry.

Wayne, also a sharp dresser, posed stylishly to draw attention to his smartly tailored suit. The wedding photoshoot continued in the hotel’s outdoor garden. In contrast to Beth’s sultry photos inside her presidential suite, these photos were all about capturing her joy.

I was lucky to be able to train my lens on a couple so in love that the romantic moments felt raw and real. My favorite from this bunch is the one of Beth and Wayne kissing as if no one is watching. It almost seems like they snuck out in the garden to be in each other’s company!


At the wedding ceremony, Beth’s bridesmaids, her soul sisters, looked elegant in lavender pink gowns. The maid of honor speech was stirring and there was not a dry eye in the venue. Beth hugged her maid of honor and later, the girl gang posed fiercely. I live for these moments – such confident women who had come together to support their friend on her big day despite the uncertain pandemic environment in Hong Kong and worldwide.

As I have already stated, Wayne and Beth were totally into each other, making my job easy. Looks like they were saving the best for last. The couple’s movie-style kiss was the icing on the cake, as I silently whispered, “And that’s a wrap” to myself!

On a personal note, Beth and Wayne’s decision to go ahead with their ceremony as planned in the midst of difficult times for everyone is commendable. I am grateful to Beth’s and Wayne’s loved ones for carrying on and making the day even more special for the couple.

Looking for a professional Hong Kong wedding photographer?

Wedding day photography is one of my specialization areas, which include family photography, pre-wedding photography and pregnancy photography in Hong Kong. Whether you want me to travel to a hotel, your home or any destination as your official wedding photographer, give me a buzz today. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Vendor List

Bride : @beth_lai
Groom : @whinz
Wedding Photography : @danieltamig
Wedding Planner : The Theme Wedding, Instagram: @thethemewedding
Wedding Cake  : Phoenixsweetswedding ,Instagram:@phoenixsweetswedding Shop: Wedding Cake Shop
Wedding Gowns : The Wedding Gown, Instagram @theweddinggown_official
Bridal makeup : Matt Li , Instagram @mattlimakeup
Hairdo : Kolen But, Instagram @kolen128
Wedding Decoration : FreeConcept, Instagram @freeconcept_hk
Wedding Venue : Hong Kong Ocean Park Marriott Hotel, Instagram @hongkongoceanparkmarriott
Wedding Celebrant : Agnes Chiu, Instagram @eternalvow_hk

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