Bum and Dicky 2 Days Prewedding @ Bejing



As sexy as we can!

 Dicky said he doesn’t really know how to smile but he wants a really special prewedding shoot with Bum indeed. OK, it’s my job! But the problem is, how special?

It was -3 degree celsius in Beijing the first day. As we couldn’t stand the cold outside at night we went back to the hotel room. Noticing the good lighting inside the toilet, which is suitable for something sexy. Well, to be special…how about a some hot and sexy pics.? They were first shocked, then getting really excited!

To me, it was actually a big challenge as it was very difficult to handle when my clients when they were in nude. The line between sexy and indecent is really thin–and of course I don’t want to create some nasty photos for a prewedding shoot! But after some careful planning and discussion with them, I can happily say that the desired shots were successfully made. Result as expected, wonderful and they love the photos much.

This is the first time i shoot in Bejing and it’s a real “cool” prewedding! I am sure that Bum will remember this trip in her whole life, as she is dressing in a see through sexy gown under -3 degree celsius at the Great Wall, China. Isn’t that memorable? haha.



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