Esther and Lambert Overseas Prewedding (Beijing)

Esther and Lambert Overseas Prewedding (Beijing)

Apart from Europe and Japan, Beijing has also become an attractive location for taking oversea wedding photo in the past few years. Esther and Lambert are two of these people who picked this cultural spot as their pre-wedding photography destination.

The two-day shooting took place at well-know landmarks such as La Palais Dete and the Great Wall, which are rich in oriental colour. To add more to the contract of the picture, the gown designed by Noel Chu on the bride has mixed the elements of traditional cheongsam with the modern western features.

The artistic side of the city is also very interesting. The couple has visited the 798 Art Zone , with loads of different art features and graffiti. All of these make it a one of a kind experience.


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