Grace and Daniel overseas pre wedding (New York)

Grace and Daniel overseas pre wedding (New York)

Same protagonists, same photographer but different styles

Apart from the photos taken in Florence and Budapest, Grace and Daniel also return to where they met for their pre-wedding photos.

The fairy tale begins 12 years ago when Grace is still a little girl in College. They meet in a restaurant in New York where Grace is a waitress serving Daniel, who drops by the restaurant every week. Time flies. Grace graduates and she decides to head for her dream in Hong Kong while Daniel has a very stable job in New York. Even they have to separate, the relationship never falls apart but strengthens throughout the years. Finally, the story turns to a new chapter with the protagonists walking down the aisle together.

Based on the story and the character of Daniel, the focus of this set of photo is no longer on the posture of the characters like the ones in Florence and Budapest, they emphasize on the small interaction between the two. Daniel’s tenderness and sweetness are combined with the memories of this place. It creates sparks to the photos. The intimacy falls in their eyes when they are just looking at each other.

Photographer is like a chief. With effective communication with the couples, he will understand more about their personalities and story which help him to make different dishes out of the best of the ingredients.

Therefore this is why even with the same characters and photographer, there will be different bombardment in the photos.


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