Grace and Daniel overseas pre wedding (Florence + Budapest)

Grace and Daniel overseas pre wedding (Florence + Budapest)

Love is in the air!

Grace and Daniel’s pre wedding shoot in Budapest and Florence has been as fascinating as the drama performed by Grace. Not knowing her, people might only know the elegant side of her from the beauty pageant she participated.

In fact, she is more than an adjective can describe.

The days in Budapest is a bit hectic and cold. Luckily, due to the weather, there are not too many people and the shooting goes very smoothly.

With the beautiful body figure, Grace’s portrait is both fashionable and impressive. She uses her advantage as a talented dancer and poses uniquely and shows the best body proportion. The pictures together with Daniel are, instead, very sweet, revealing the usual innocent interaction between the two. Just looking at the pictures will tell how they do not only love each other but appreciate each other’s talent.

As for Florence, where I took my own pre wedding photos, I had a lot of memory there. It is very cloudy on the shooting day, which makes the photo more dramatic and uncommon from the usual ones. While we were taking photos, a little girl is so charmed by Grace’s dress that she can’t keep her hands off it. Grace is so friendly that she invites her into the shooting.

These two bring me to a new presumptive to the place. Hopefully the photos will remind the two their happy moment whenever they see them.

Congratulations again, Grace and Daniel. See you two in New York at the wedding.

Still many more photos to come, stay tuned!

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