Bess and Steve – hong kong prewedding with a special meaning

Bess and Steve – hong kong prewedding with a special meaning

Focus on meaning

Like what I have always say, I would love to do something different for every single couple. When I first met Bess and Steve, I knew that they are meant to be a very special pair. Except for creating some breathtaking images, I knew we can do something meaningful and memorable in their pre wedding sesson. Something really special.

Knowing that they met in a painting class in Art Center, I had an idea in my mind. What’s better than having their own gown painted by themselves for two the painters? Thus I called one of my partners, who is one of the best Gown Designer in town–Ms. Noel Chu,to ask for her help. After several months of preparation meetings and discussions, finally we worked out the plan. I divided the shoot to two days: with the first day for the drawing session and the second day for the outdoor shoot. Through my images, I recorded how they have created uniqueness in their wedding, and obviously they enjoyed the process! It’s unique and meaningful. It’s actually one of my most happiest shoot!

Special thanks to Noel for the helping hands!

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