Janet and Timmy Prewedding

Janet and Timmy Prewedding


Daniel Tam, who has attracted more than 250K likes on Facebook, is a wedding photographer. He learnt photography from a hong kong famous portrait photographer, Mr. Alain Yip. But apart from that, what is so special about him that even celebrities like Timmy Hung asked him for help in wedding?

At the beginning, Daniel was a businessman and only considered photography as his hobby. Then, it came to a chance that his friend’s photographer went missing and he came to Daniel for help. After he finished with the shooting, his friend was so satisfied with the photo that he could not help but introduced Daniel to more people. This was the story of how Daniel entered the industry.

According to Daniel, at the very beginning of his photo – taking career when he knew little about camera, his teacher used to tell him that it was the feel that made his photo astonishing.

That is also what makes up the wedding photos. Unlike those standardized wedding photo in the past, couples nowadays are asking for uniqueness in their own photo like taking nude photos as to save their one of a kind moment. This is what makes Daniel so remarkable.

Furthermore, as more and more people are seeking for more in their wedding photo, over 60% of Daniel’s local clients choose to take their photo oversea. Yet, for those Hongkongers who live aboard often return especially for this special moment. Daniel said, “there are in fact many beautiful places in Hong Kong which are also very grand such as the Peak, Shek O and so on. All the photo I took are almost free of post editing (around 80% done at the shooting time). All of the effect is achieved by adjusting the light so you see how amazing even can Hong Kong be.”

Another funny fact that Daniel observes is that in most of the time, decisions in the process of taking photograph are made by the bride. Since he can provide what the ladies need, understand their thought with patience is the key. This is also why there are so many people asking him for help and they never complaint for seeking perfection.



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