Jessica and Erik Hong Kong Wedding Day – Four Seasons Hong Kong

Jessica and Erik Hong Kong Wedding Day – Four Seasons Hong Kong


A Traditional Affair

I had the pleasure of being commissioned for a wedding day photo shoot steeped in tradition, romance and familial bonds. When Jessica and Erik entered into matrimony, they decided to pay homage to their roots, and I was delighted to be a part of their joyous occasion.

Getting ready at home for the big day

Jessica was a stunning bride who wore the traditional qun kwa embroidered and embellished with colourful threads, pearls and sequins. I captured one of her getting ready (assisted by a professional make-up team), one of her with her parents and a bashful one of Jessica putting on her shoes and getting ready for the big moment. Meanwhile, Erik – also dressed in tradition wear – was being teased by his friends, no doubt about his eagerness to see his to-be bride.

A flood of emotions

Close family gathered to bless the couple. The bridesmaids looked stylish in blue while the groomsmen were dapper in suits and blue bow ties. Erik could not hold back his tears upon seeing Jessica emerge, and looked mesmerised by her throughout! Now that’s a guy who has fallen hard in love and found the one he wants to be with forever.

Anticipation in a luxurious setting

Erik and Jessica shared some tender moments in a luxury car. Erik snuck in this private time away from the fam to hold Jessica in his arms and kissed her ever so tenderly on her cheek. The ceremony at home was simple but enveloped in the love and blessings of the couple’s closest loved ones. The couple’s bond with their parents is evident in a few photographs – Erik sure is a softy who expresses his emotions openly (don’t we all love that about him!).

Ceremony and banquet

The couple’s wedding ceremony was held in St. Paul’s Church, an early 20th century structure featuring gothic architecture. The celebrated Four Seasons Hong Kong was the site of the banquet.
I made the most of the opportunity to capture the majestic interiors of the church as a backdrop to a variety of wedding day photos. From an aerial view and close-up shot, to key moments of the ceremony, including the throwing of the bouquet, the entry of the cute flower boy and flower girl, and an affectionate kiss from a young girl to her father in the pew – my camera encapsulated the warm feel of togetherness and relaxation emanating throughout the church.
After officially being pronounced man and wife, Erik and Jessica came together under the romantic evening lights of the church for a final pose. I wish them immense joy and abundance ahead!

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