Mill and Ken Two Days Prewedding at Macau



After a year, 67 shootings, I finally meet them again — Mill and Ken. They are actually my first client when I started Daniel Tam Art Gallery. They came to me again after a year right before their wedding and asked for another shoot in Macau. It’s really nice to shoot in Macau as it’s small with vintage buildings, modern architecture as well as nature scenic views. To make a difference, I used another approach for this shoot this time. As we had two days, I tried to shoot as many different tones as possible. They are really different from the photos which I took a year ago!

Actually I have just finished their wedding day shoot on 30 June. Hope it’s not too late to have this video launched! Mill and Ken, before passing you the photos and video clips for your big day, here I am more than happy to present this video to you both! Congratulations once again and I am looking forward to have the pregnancy and baby shoot for you two soon! ENJOY!


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