Pregnancy photo created with my new light !

Pregnancy photo created with my new light !

Stay hungry, stay foolish!

Being a photographer, I am always attracted by different light sources. Each light source has its own unique property. When used properly, we can always get what we want.

Staying foolish in the photography world has extended my vision over the years. Time flies, I have just realized that I have started the line of pregnancy photo creation for almost three years, showing the greatest curve of a mum-t0-be or capturing the sweetest moments between their family members. During the process,  I keep on trying to experiment and implement different ideas to complete my creations. I am so blessed that I always meet clients share the very same crazy and fun ideas, who are willing to realize the ideas in my head.

Nude shooting for a mum-to-be has to emphasize the curve she has. For this set of photos, I tried to use projected patterns to light up my subject. I tried with linear patterns, squares, triangles, lines and some tattoos pattern. I discovered when all the straight lines were projected on the beautiful curve, they bent and stretched and perfectly combined with the silhouette for the mum-to-be. One of my favourites is the projection of a medical illustration of sperms on her body. It means everything and that’s where the story begins. Isn’t that interesting and beautiful?

Being a photographer, I shall never stop learning and creating. This afternoon,  I am working on another new idea in my portrait photography world. Stay tuned!

Checkout here for my pregnancy photo portfolio!

pregnancy photo 01 by daniel tam pregnancy photo 02 by daniel tam

pregnancy photo by daniel tam 08 creativepregnancy photo 03 by daniel tam pregnancy photo 04 by daniel tam pregnancy photo 05 by daniel tam pregnancy photo 06 by daniel tam pregnancy photo 07 by daniel tam

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