Suanne and Kai Hong Kong Prewedding

Suanne and Kai Hong Kong Prewedding

In the romantic story of Romeo and Juliet, there is a famous line of Romeo’s appraisal for Juliet’s beauty:It is the east, and Juliet is the sun. Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moonLight can be used to describe the beauty and passion in love, which can be manifested in this album.In the album of Suanne and Kai, we can see the romance and fantasy of their shining love. The pre-wedding photos were taken in several places, started from my studio, then to the Peak and finally to a memorable restaurant of the couple. No matter for the indoor or outdoor shots, the light plays an important role in shaping the dreamlike atmosphere. Standing in front of the black wall in my studio, the spotlight contrasting with the white dress and the shirt of the couple which makes them shine. Then, the light from lamps in the vintage restaurant, where the couple spent different precious moments with each other, shows that their memories will never fade. For the shots in Central, the glamorous light from the buildings make Suanne glows through the blue gaze of her blue dress.

However, the most stunning shots must be those taken at the Peak. Most people think that the foggy and misty weather may not be ideal for shooting, as the figures cannot be shown clearly. What I think is the opposite. By making good use of the light, the most romantic photos can be created. The couple in the photos is just like the fairies in the wood where they can spend eternity with each other. To create this peaceful and harmonious chemistry between the light and the environment is not an easy task–the lighting must be adjusted carefully. The light from the photos was not the natural sunlight, but the spotlight I adjusted to a certain angle so that it can pass through the leaves or the pavilion. Therefore, the ‘artificial sun’ could gently shine on the faces of the couple. This kind of dreamy style is exactly what I want.

The weather conditions can sometimes be unpredictable. What I can do is to adjust the light or shooting angle to accommodate the weather, as well as creating a unique and memorable album for the couple, so that their treasure memories can be captured and kept forever.

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