Testimony 91-100

Testimony 91

Gloria and Spancer (Macau Post-wedding)

This is the 10th anniversary of my wife and me. For this very special day of us, I would really like to take the wedding photograph again with her as to thank her for all these years of care and effect she pays for our family. Daniel is the first to come up in my mind as our wedding photographer.

I know Daniel 7 years ago as photographer classmates. Throughout the years, he has improved a lot, developing his own style. I have faith in him that he can capture the moment in my heart. He does not hesitate at all to take my offer and start talking with me about what I want.

For this series of photo, I decide to take it with my wife in Macau. Not knowing what is required for the style I want, Daniel has given us a lot of professional advice which suit us and fulfill our requirement.

One our shooting day, the weather is not as good as expected. Luckily, we have talked about the arrangement beforehand. We have another indoor plan at the Venetian Macao Resort Hotel over the outdoor plan. Apart from that, the plan goes very smoothly without any difficulties.

What I would really want to praise Daniel is how he can always create a very suitable atmosphere for the shooting. It is a bit miracle that once we get into the shooting, it feels like flying back in time with my wife and I are getting married. I can’t describe that feeling accurately, the excitement and sweetness.

Another vital person in these photo is my daughter. She represents the result cultivated by our love. The wedding photo has exceeded the boundary of the moment we get together but in time when love expands.

At the end, Daniel’s effect pays off and one of our photos win an award. Thank you, Daniel for your good work. They are not only photo but memory that we cherish.

Testimony 92

Grace and Henry (Hong Kong Prewedding + Wedding Day)

It is my pleasure to work with Daniel again in the event Bride to Be by Tiffany & Co.! I always enjoy a lot to talk with Daniel!

I still remember that I had Daniel for taking my prewedding and wedding day. It has been a long, but I am still able to remember the details. Daniel is such a gem in the field of photography. He might not be as famous as he is today, but I knew that he would shine anyways. He always demonstrates 100% of his passion and professionalism in his work. No wonder why he could become a top wedding photographer in Hong Kong today!

His work is full of stories and with harmonious composition for different elements, such as the persons and the backgrounds. We had our pre wedding photographs in Shek O and Central. The photos were perfect with the stunning wavy sea views in Shek O and festive Christmas vibe in the old Legislative Council. He was such a articulated and professional by giving us concrete and useful tips and instructions. He was so smart to give us guidelines by positioning our bodies into three parts, the upper, middle and lower part, so that we knew exactly where to move to in front of the camera. He always had different pictures in his mind. Therefore, he was willing to take photos from different angles to ensure the pieces are the most unique and eye-catching ones. At that same time, working with him was fun! He was humorous and we chatted happily along the whole process.

Without any hesitation, I invited him to be our photographer during my big day in Grand Hyatt Hong Kong. He interacted well with my bridesmaids and groomsmen. Therefore, their photos were full of joys and happiness. He captured every perfect moment on that day.

Recently, it was my pleasure to have a meal with Daniel and my friends recently. I knew he was very busy but he was always willing to share time with us and catch up with us. I am hoping to work with him again soon in the future! If you are looking for someone talented to capture the most unique and precious moments in your life, Daniel must be the best choice!

Testimony 93

Vincy and Stephen (Hong Kong Prewedding + Wedding Day + Family Shoot) 

Thank you Daniel again for the great job! It has been the third time I have Daniel to take photo for us. It is as enjoyable as the previous ones.

Some people might worry about the steadiness of the kids when they are planning for their family pictures. With Daniel, I am not concerned at all.

Before the day of shooting, Daniel spends time with us to talk about our concepts for the shooting. He shares with us the suggestions for clothes and background which are indeed very useful. Our kid look very sharp and smart in all the photo.

On the day of shooting, everything is set. Unlike the common ways of shooting which involve a lot of props and costumes, it is very simple. We do not specifically pose for the shooting but have fun in the whole process with Daniel capturing the perfect moment.

This is actually what we like about Daniel the most – the memorable process. It is not only the vision we cherish but also the moment we spend together.

It has always been nice to have Daniel taking photographs for us. We are not only satisfied with the products but also the fun we have in the process. We hope that Daniel will take photo for us soon.

Testimony 94

Liza and Philip (Pregnancy)

Being a mother is one of the most exciting experiences as a woman. Thank you Daniel for recording this precious moment for me!

I was attracted by his pieces in Facebook. At the time I was almost time to give birth, so it was a bit rush to contact Daniel for being my pregnancy photographer. But he did manage to arrange the date for me and everything went perfectly in the studio. As what I expected, Daniel was excellent in taking unique and stylish photos with his mature techniques in catching the right angles and light. I could see he put lots of effort and passion in his work, which undoubtedly made him to be one of the most professional photographers in Hong Kong.

Apart from his photography talents, the time spent with him was joyful as well. He is indeed a genuine and thoughtful person. I was quite worried about being naked in front of the camera as I was not confident to my body shape. Daniel was the one who told me to be proud and embrace the special body shape of being a mother. I did not feel any embarrassment when spending time with him.

I sincerely recommend him to those mother-to-be, as well as those who have creative ideas in their minds. Daniel would definitely take the challenge with you and create the best album for you. It was fun working with him. And hopefully I can take an overseas anniversary album with him in the near future!

Testimony 95

Rafella and Michael (Underwater Pregnancy)

Did an underwater maternity photoshoot with Daniel and his team today, and they were absolutely amazing! Very professional and so fun to work with. Always took into consideration my heavily pregnant well-being, gave great directions and put me at ease throughout. Highly recommend! What a great experience! Thanks!!!

Testimony 96

Caol and Kin (Wedding Day)

很感謝Daniel同Daniel 團隊10月28日為我BigDay辛勞,很幸運4月份在Facebook見倒Daniel嘅佢品,初次約見Daniel,已覺得Daniel很親切,他百忙抽空答應與我會面,Daniel好細心解釋佢攝影Style,同時了解我嘅期望,同Daniel 傾談完已十分欣賞他!幸運地Daniel 有期,可為我人生重要的一天留下美好的回憶!

在婚禮當日,Daniel 比我預期的時間早很多到場,細心視察場地,測試光線,作出充分預備。他每一個拍攝都作細緻的考慮,可見他對攝影的認真及專業,真的要再次說,令我十分敬佩他的工作態度!


最令我萬分感謝Daniel的是我最期望的「早拍午播」包括證婚儀式,在這短短數小時午宴婚禮內製作完成「早拍午播」&Slideshow,並即場播放,而且成品的品質及整個片段的設計是超水準,令我所有朋友同事都讚口不絕,亦令我及家人動容,簡直是將不可能變成真,感恩遇上這麼專業的Daniel 及團隊,令我留下美好難忘的回憶,所以日後都會向朋友極力推介,而我亦昐望再可邀請Daniel拍攝!

Testimony 97

Wing and Julian (Wedding Day + Family Shoot)

Daniel and his crew went straight to have the equipment set up and helped with the make up once they arrived the venue on my wedding day. He had also started to take photo since then, recording the whole day starting from the very beginning in a chronological manner, in order not to let any memory gone unseen. The vibe was relaxing. Nobody was uptight at all. The basic flow of the wedding began with the serving of appetizer and everyone would gather and had a bit of chatting, followed by the vowing, and then there were music and singing performance, during which Daniel had been busy taking photos, both of me and my husband and the guests. Daniel had a good eye for details, he was able to capture all the happiest moment of everyone. Once again everybody was having a good time and feeling comfortable.

As for the family portray, Daniel and his crew came to my place to have it perfectly done. Before the photo shooting day, Daniel had started to contribute a lot by giving suggestions about the clothing tone of the whole family as well as the child, as well as the hair style and what kind of props (toys) would be matching with the overall impression. Daniel had been patient not only with the adults, but also with the child as well. He was attentive to my baby, paying extra attention in soothing her so that she would not cry for long, and putt some toys besides her to make her feel comfortable.

After that we changed and moved to a park nearby to have the outdoor shooting. As usual Daniel was flexible and patient. He taught us how to pose in front of the camera so as to capture the natural side of us. He also tried to incorporate our requests. The whole photo-shooting last for about an hour and a half, two hours max; and it had been a great pleasure, we did not even realise that time had been fling so quickly.

Daniel is a very dedicated photographer. It has been a joyful experience working with him. I am happy that it turns out that we have become friends, instead of merely customers and service-provider. I highly recommend Daniel as the photographer of your big day.

Testimony 98

Carrie and Jin (Positano Prewedding + Wedding Day)

Every girl wants to take memorable and elegant photos for their wedding. It is my pleasure to have Daniel to be my photographer for the pre wedding and wedding day shoots. It was such as a coincidence that one of the best friends of my husband knew Daniel. She introduced us Daniel. Once I saw his portfolio, I was totally in love with his style! Most ladies want their albums to be fairy-like and dreamy. My husband and I preferred a rather strong and mighty style, which Daniel could give exactly what we wanted. Without long time to hesitate, we decided to have Daniel to be our photographer.

The photo-taking trip to Positano Italy was not so smooth, but Daniel did try his very best to give us the best album. In that 7-day trip, our baggages got delayed for two days in which all my dresses and personal belongings were inside. That was a heavy burden to our already-tight schedule. At the same time, we really wanted to take pictures in different locations for the natural landscapes, such as sunset and sea view. He was such a nice person to make us calm by promising that we could finish itinerary on time. Daniel was very professional with his crew to take pictures within the limited time. Another thing was that he could always give us clear instructions to pose in front of the camera in the best angles. My husband was not used to face the camera, but Daniel was very patient to give him concrete suggestions to move his body. Even more, we chatted happily along the journey. Even though the trip was not easy, the photos were so stunning with Daniel’s skills and techniques.

Then, during our Big Day in Four Seasons Hong Kong, Daniel demonstrated his excellent skills in catching the right moments for our families and us. The slideshow video that Daniel made us was truly amazing. I could see other side of my parents, who were so excited and joyful in the photos. We were so busy on that day, but Daniel managed to take the pictures in different angles. That was the most memorable album I have ever had.

Thanks for Daniel for helping us so much. I would definitely introduce him to my friends and relatives!

Testimony 99

Serene and Clock (Pregnancy)

Daniel is one of the best pregnancy photographers in Hong Kong and I found him very easy-going and humorous to work with. Thanks Daniel for the excellent album that you have taken for me!

I first knew Daniel from my friend and then searched his portfolio on Facebook and his website. His photos were definitely stunning and extraordinary but what attracted me the most was his personality. I read many reviews about him that he was a thoughtful and patient photographer, as well as a perfect planner that would take my opinions thoughtfully and execute them well.

The result turned out to be absolutely true and even beyond my expectation! Daniel thoroughly discussed with me beforehand about the costumes, make-up artist, ideas and flows of the pregnancy shooting. Even though the shooting was quite a challenge for me, as I thought I would be a bit stiff shooting in see-through dresses, but the experience turned out to be very great!

Daniel could totally take the credits as he was so easy-going and gave solid tips to my husband and me in striking poses, which would not make us uncomfortable or embarrassed. Throughout the shooting, we chatted happily and had so much fun.

Last but not least, the pregnancy photography album was excellent! The most memorable and feminine moment of being a woman was successfully captured by Daniel. I hope Daniel can an outdoor family shooting with my husband and my daughter very soon!

Testimony 100

Mildred (Pregnancy)

Daniel is one of the best family photographers in Hong Kong, as well as a very reliable businessman. I am totally satisfied with his service and photos.

I found Daniel from a website and I decided to look for him after seeing his photos. His photos are definitely with good quality. I was very impressed when discussing the photography package with him. The plan provided technically everything, even the original files of the photos. As far as I know, many Hong Kong photography studios would charge extra cost for original files. However, Daniel was genuine and honest about every details of the package.  Daniel Tam Art Gallery is surely a reliable company.

At the same time, Daniel never compromises the quality of his work. I remember our first outdoor shooting was taken in an extremely hot summer. I believe it was certainly quite tough carrying all those heavy cameras and equipment. But Daniel was so professional and put all his efforts in the shooting. My 4 year-old daughter was not quite in mood, so she was not willing to face the camera properly. Daniel was so patient and explained to her that photos were to capture important memory in life that she would not want to miss it. My daughter was somehow convinced and worked with Daniel nicely at last! All we had was an excellent album in which all of us were so delighted.

I have worked with Daniel twice and I believe more opportunities are coming! Thank you Daniel, for being an extraordinary photographer to capture many precious moments in my life!

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