Testimony 101-110

Testimony 101

Eve and Kin (London + Prague Prewedding)

I was attracted by the pre-wedding photography taken by Daniel when I searched on the internet for my own photography. So, I decided to have Daniel to take our oversea pre-wedding photography.

We chose to take the photography in Prague where we have spent great time at and London where we can find a lot of distinctive landmarks.

Before the trip, we have spent time discussing about the places to take photography and clothes we should wear for the shooting. The process went very well and Daniel did a lot to understand our requirement.

During our shooting, we were welcomed by the locals who congrats us once they saw us. It was very warm.

Daniel has given us a very good time, capturing all our happy moments without requiring us to make still postures. He is also keen on the angel of shooting as I look very tall and slim in the photography which I am very satisfied with.

Both my husband and I appreciated Daniel’s effect a lot as the photography are so adorable and we will never forget the sweet happy moment we had together.

It would be great if Daniel can help us with our pet’s photography in the future.

Testimony 102

Angel and Zyrex (Wedding Day)

I learnt of Daniel when I went to a conference with him as the guest speaker. His passion in photography attracted my attention and I immediately thought of him when I decided to get married.

What my husband and I want was quite different. Rather than focusing only on us, we would like the photo to be simple and capturing the happy moment of the whole family. Of course, Daniel didn’t let us down.

Since Daniel and we have communicated very well before the shooting day, the photos are great even the weather was not that good.

What surprised us the most is how our parents reacted on that day. Their photos are amazing. They are always very formal in the presence of others but they were all so cheerful on that day, thanks to the assistance of Daniel.

He has also helped linking our parents up, picking up their sweet memories. Everyone was lighted up by him on that day. We were so happy about that because not only us, but also our family enjoy the whole time together. This is exactly what we want.

We hope that we will have Daniel taken our family photo very soon.

Testimony 103

Wendy and Ivan (Prewedding)

Daniel is my uncle’s friend. He introduced Daniel to me when I was looking for a pre-wedding photographer. As I later searched for his work online, I was amazed and found what I exactly need for my pre-wedding.  

Before the shooting, Daniel has communicated a lot with us about what to wear on that day and given a lot of wonderful suggestions to us about the location for shooting. Throughout the process, we built more confidence in his work.

Since all my shooting was undergone outdoor, what worried me the most was changing the gowns. It turned out that the whole shooting team is very professional and I was nice and ready when I has to take my photography. Daniel also explained carefully about the entire procedure before we set off from the studio.

It was very interesting how we get some accidentally nice shots captured when Daniel recommended us to some spots which were nearby our original location. All of my friends said that the photos are so beautiful that they don’t believe they are taken in Hong Kong.

The entire shooting process is very smooth and we enjoy it a lot with Daniel’s cheerful attitude.

We are looking forwards to Daniel capturing our happy moment again in the future.

Testimony 104

Mazarine and Lawrence (Prewedding)

I am a person of high expectations and when it comes to my pre-wedding photography, I want it to be perfect. I have been to different wedding fairs in Hong Kong, as well as doing research online to find the RIGHT photographer.

I came across the works of Daniel Tam when I was just casually browsing online searching for pre-wedding photography package. I think Daniel has his style embedded in his works, you can tell those photos are professionally made by him at a glance of them.

I would like my pre-wedding photos to act as a reminiscence, presented in the style of “throwing back” that one would be reminded of those good old days by looking at the pictures. In order to have that “feeling” framed, I’ve suggested to Daniel to take pictures in the Central and Western district, in where some historical and picturesque architectures are well kept. Daniel told me that was the first time he’s got such an assignment yet he tried his very best to make it happen. Despite his expertise and experience, he would still pay full attention and put every possible efforts in managing the whole process. He has been patient and approachable through out the communication process. He had made a visit to the agreed vicinity before the photo-taking day to figure out the best location.

The pre-wedding photography package I have chosen was a 8 hour one. Though we started at the morning, the schedule was quite packed since we had to go from one place to another in order to have all the chosen places covered; and we could only start the shooting after the camera and light reflectors were all well set up. We could only had lunch inside the car on our way to the next destination. To be honest it was exhausting yet when I got the pictures I knew it was completely worth it. Daniel would show us the pictures he had taken on the spot and asked how we felt about them and took several more if needed before heading to the next destination. 

Outdoor photo-taking at night should be one of the greatest challenges in photography. Being well-prepared, Daniel and his crew were able to find the best spot of lighting from the street lamps and set up the equipment in a second. Throughout the whole 8 hour that we spent together, he was in no rush in taking the best pictures even though we had a packed schedule.

All in all, the communication with Daniel had been smooth. He takes the matter seriously and even came up with suggestions that I wouldn’t regard it possible otherwise. He would tailor-made the best resolution for you instead of just taking your money and pressing the shutter.

Testimony 105

Hing Yi and Charles (Pregnancy)

Thank you Daniel for being the photographer of my pre-wedding, big day, pregnancy and family shootings! I had so much fun working with you, especially when we explored different possibilities in photography.

Back to 2011 when I first saw to Daniel’s work, I was stunned by his photography style, which was artistic and magnificent and quite stood out from other photographers. I knew he would be a high-flier even though he was not as famous as today’s.

He got the passion and perseverance in photography. I still remember he was willing to jump into the water (not to mention there were urchins in the water!)  and climb up to the hill in Tai O simply for some good snapshots. I guess he was also very adventurous, which always brought novelty in his work.

Not only was he very talented, but he was also a considerate and customer-centric photographer. He carried out research and gathered information about different locations and ideas before our discussions. He paid extra care to my ideas and gave suggestions on top of them.

He was a perfect photographer to work with. My husband was definitely not familiar with modeling, but Daniel was able to provide concrete tips for posing. Also, taking pictures for children was not an easy job but Daniel could pull it off and capture the joyful moments of my kids. Every piece he created was simply gorgeous!

I enjoyed every moment with Daniel! Hopefully we can explore some new possibilities and challenges in photography soon!

Testimony 106

Maggie and Ryan (Pregnancy)

When my second baby was coming, I searched for someone who is keen on maternity photography on the internet. Among all the results I have got, I found Daniel’s photography style most suitable.

Before the shooting, we have spent some time communicating on what my husband and I wanted. Daniel showed us many examples which we can choose the style from. It was quite easy to figure out a solution at the end.

I saw that most people focus on the mother in the photography, but I would like this to be engaged by the whole family. Thus, my son and husband also anticipated in the shooting.

It was fun and I have to say that Daniel is really good at angels. My son looks much taller in the photography and his face is also very sharp. I love them very much.

At the beginning, I am also a bit worried about wearing too few but it turned out to be fine as Daniel’s professional attitude comforted me a lot and the pictures look so natural.

This is our family’s first time to take photography in a studio and we really enjoy that with Daniel. He is very professional in this and the photography is prefect. I bet my children will love them when they see it in the future. I hope Daniel will help us with our family photography in the future.

Testimony 107

Mie (Pregnancy)

Less is more when it comes to pregnancy photography

Daniel Tam’s pregnancy photography popped up on my Facebook page the other day, I found them different from that of other photographers in Hong Kong. Daniel has his own style, it’s like he has his invisible signature signed on all his work. You can tell “Oh, that’s definitely Daniel’s work” amongst a bunch of pregnancy photos.

The reason why I’d like to do pregnancy photo is that I would like to record the gradual and subtle change of my body. It is more about the feminine side of a pregnant woman and what captivates me about Daniel’s work is that he emphasises the woman per se in his works. I always have the impression that other photographers tend to focus on, probably the background, the clothing, or different lighting effect, which are undoubtedly very important. Yet it should be MY pictures instead of my wearing different costumes and cast poses that do not even fit me.

My purpose is to record the feminine side of me, having that mindset in mind, together with Daniel’s know-how in doing pregnancy photography, the shooting had been a comfortable one. The pictures were far from anything suggestive or filthy. I’ve got what I have expected and would recommend Daniel as your next pregnancy photographer!

Testimony 108

Kanas and Christopher (Underwater Prewedding)

Marvellous rippling effect of underwater photography

Underwater pre-wedding photography is definitely an option I would highly recommend – if you want to have an unforgettable experience – and if you are open to challenge! It is like a two-edged sword – you can get the marvellous rippling effect which normal photography could never bring you, on the other hand, besides the time you actually have to spend on the shooting per se, you had to squeeze extra time for training and practicing before shooting. Fournately Daniel Tam is here to make it all easier. Training lead by a professional coach is included in the package he offers. I am glad that I have found Daniel who had help me the with the arrangement and the organising. Yet it is all worthy as every (great) thing happens for a cost!

After going through Daniel Tam’s underwater photos on his website, I reached out to him telling him my wish to have underwater pre-wedding photography. We have met once in a face-to-face manner, during which he showed me some pictures as reference to come up with poses that I should stick to during the underwater shooting – as you can imagine communication underwater is difficult.

During the one-day training before the shooting, my husband and I were guided by the coach the proper way to hold the breath, we practices how to pose underwater as well. We spent quite some times to practice the holding of the breath every night, since it is not something that we are used to do.

The whole underwater photo-shooting process lasted for around 30 – 40 minutes, the most challenging part during which was the coldness. I was only wearing the wedding dress without extra warm-keeping clothing (which wouldn’t make sense if I wore one). I have to admit that, even though I had already attended training session before, it was still a bit overwhelming when I first got down to the water.

When Daniel and his crew had the equipment set up underwater, we would then go down to the water, under the guidance of the coach and with wetsuit on and regulator in the mouth – we would go to the designated spot, when everything was ready, the crew members would assist us in getting off the wetsuit and regulator before the photo was taken. Yes – we had to hold our breath for a while in order to get the best result.

Underwater pre-wedding photography offers stunning effect, with the cost of extra practice and training time, it is not like normal pre-wedding photography that you can simply show up in the destination and entrust the whole thing to the photographers. Give it a shot if you are not afraid of challenge (and water, of course).

Testimony 109

Idy and Nixon (Prague Prewedding)

I came across Daniel Tam’s work as a friend of mine had hired him as the wedding day photographer. I have a vague impression that Daniel has long had the reputation of adapting different approach in photography. I found his work was a pleasure to look at, and filled with his own style. What caught my attention in his work was the delicate arrangement of colour comprising a stunning scene. So when it comes to my big day, without much hesitation I contacted Daniel again.

The communication has been efficient. After contacting Daniel, his assistant would be responsible of the arrangement and responsive to your request. She was also helpful in the process and organising things. We have met once in person to get down to the practical matters like what kind of expectation did I have. Daniel had also showed me some of his previous works as reference, from which we came up with new ideas of how the photos could be taken. Daniel had been patient and professional in explaining, even small details like the texture of paper and ink to be used in the album were well explained.

We met with Daniel and his team in Prague. He would tell you the meeting place and time so there was not much to worry about, all the trivial yet essential details were well taken care of. That’s why I would recommend Daniel’s overseas pre-wedding photography package to skip all the trouble.

The shooting took place at June or July, which was quite chilly in Europe. So we had to wear down on top of our wedding dress and took it off before the shutter was being pressed. The one-day shooting started at midnight, in order to avoid the crowd and lasted for around 8 hours excluding make-up time. By the time the travellers started to emerge to the attractions, we have already finished all the outdoor shooting and turned to indoor. The time arrangement was practical and no extra time was wasted on unnecessary traffic. Daniel would show us one sample of two of the pictures he had taken on the spot, so that you had a basic idea of how was everything going on. He would also wait for you to get ready in front of the camera before taking the picture. There was no rush at all and it made you feel comfortable. Daniel would also instruct you in how to strike a better poses or improvised to try with different lighting/ angle for the best result.

Testimony 110

Emily and Heniz (Pregnancy)

Thank you Daniel for being my pregnancy and family photographer. You are definitely one of the best pregnancy photographers in Hong Kong.

I was totally in love with Daniel’s work when I first saw his photos from Facebook. He was able to portrait the sexiness and femininity of a mother elegantly. Also, the use of angles and light in the photos were absolutely spot-on. Without hesitation, I looked for him and then discovered he was a very friendly person.

But what impressed more was his patience that he displayed on the shooting day with my 3 year-old elder son and my husband. My son was so naughty that kept moving around and would not look at the camera properly. But then Daniel was able to catch the right timing and capture the joyful expression of him! It was definitely not an easy task for a photographer!

Also, I am really thankful that Daniel taught me a lot on posing in front of the camera. I was quite unconfident with my figure when I was pregnant. Daniel gave me many tips to look slimmer from different angles. My husband also learnt a bit from Daniel in how to pose naturally.

It was quite relaxing and fun working with Daniel. We totally felt no stress throughout the shooting session. All we had were laughter and some amazing photos! They were utterly beyond my expectation. I felt so delighted every time when I looked at them. Thank you so much Daniel!


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