Testimony 21-30

Testimony #21

Jessica and Tommy (Venice prewedding + Hong Kong wedding day + Newborn)JnT EUPW-206a

The shooting began with a perfect weather however it started pouring when we were only half way done. It was getting cold and we were about to give up. Daniel was so passionate and insisted to keep it going, very detailed to try the light and angle before taking every pic, so professional! It’s great that we found you! Thanks so much for the hard work, Daniel, Rex, Long!
See you again on our wedding day.

Review Jessica and Tommy

JnT EUPW-80aJnT EUPW-129aJnT EUPW-237aJnT EUPW-246aDaniel is a famous wedding photographer in Hong Kong. I came across his profile on Facebook when I was searching for a suitable photographer for my pre wedding and wedding day photographer. I actually had an appointment with another photographer after seeing Daniel. However, I was determined to hire Daniel after the first meeting with him.

There were two points that Daniel impressed me the most. The first one must be the work in his portfolio. Undoubtedly, his shooting style was very unique with suitable angles and colours. I did not want to have dreamy and sweet style for my prewedding photos. Daniel’s style was exactly what I wanted. With the grand and solemn atmosphere in Europe, I wanted my photos to be strong and overwhelming. On the other hand, Daniel was a very humorous and easy-going person. During our first appointment, we found that it was very comfortable talking with him. He got very good communication skills, such as giving us clear explanation and professional suggestions without wasting any of our time.

Other than that, there were many times that Daniel demonstrated his professionalism in our trip to Venice. Unfortunately, there was heavy rain at that time. But then, I was very thankful when Daniel tried his best to set the equipment in the rain with his crew to for the perfect shots. Even with the adverse weather, Daniel was still able to find the best angles and timing to capture our moments in those beautiful views. He gave us clear instructions for striking poses. Therefore, the photos turned out to be very natural and stunning even with the rain.

Afterwards, we had our Big Day celebration in Grand Hyatt that Daniel was our photographer again. He was very good at capturing the natural, funny and harmonious moments in the venue, especially for our parents. We were so excited when we saw the video that showed the smiling faces of our fathers who usually look ‘serious’ when taking photos. Many of our friends asked for Daniel’s contact after the celebration!

Daniel would do well in his field of passion. We are very happy to meet Daniel and so will you all. Soon we will have the new born shot with Daniel again. Once again, thank you Daniel.

Review Jessica and Tommy

Review Jessica and Tommy 04 Review Jessica and Tommy 02 Review Jessica and Tommy 03Testimony #22

Irene and Rick (Venice, Prague prewedding)

Review Irene Rick 01

MUA 啊LONG 也辛苦了,不單每日需要比其他人早到為我們準備,亦需要一路上兼任紗童,‘食蕉’,人肉GPS及試位Model,仲要無時無刻留意我個妝。超有型的Long,遇著我這搗蛋新娘也無皺眉,邊有新娘上好粉Set好頭帶太陽眼鏡?畫好嘴飲水?Sorry呀,因為我平時真係無化妝。



review irene and rick 05Review Irene Rick 03

Review Irene Rick 02Review Irene Rick 04

Testimony #23

Naomi and TK (Hong Kong prewedding + Hong Kong wedding day + Pregnancy & Newborn)review naomi and tk 01

第一次看到Daniel 的相,是在12年好姊妹的婚禮上,當時我看到姊妹的結婚相,全程在尖叫,很漂亮!很特別!很壯觀!第一次看到如此與眾不同的結婚相!由那日起,Daniel Tam 此大名,記下了!心裏跟自已說,我的結婚相,一定要找他拍!
13年,決定結婚的一刻,便馬上找Daniel book 時間影pre-wedding, 同時亦book 了big day攝影!
而我亦知道自已並沒有作錯誤決定,找Daniel 作攝影師是明智選擇!Pre-wedding 當日,Daniel 與他的crew 十分專業,化妝師Ivy 把我由巫婆變成公主!加上Daniel 的技術,相片馬上昇華(心心眼)! 看著Daniel 以及工作人員拿左重重的攝影器材,帶我倆上山下海,務求找最美的風景拍最美的相片,而全日都只吃了頓m 記,在這再次說聲不好意思還有,thank you so much!!!
Pre-wedding 的相美得讓我看了再看!Big day 當日,親友們見到pre-wedding 的相片都讚口不絕!我早早便通知姊妹們,開心笑便ok 啦!有Daniel 在,準全都變大美人!而且,Daniel 把親友們的神情捕捉得十分自然,好看,全都是我想要的效果!Daniel Tam , 強!還有你的crew! 讚!!多謝你及你的crew, 讓我的婚禮變得不一樣!!

review naomi and tk 04review naomi and tk 03

Testimony #24

Cynthia and Simon (Hong Kong Prewedding)review cynthia and simon 02

睇到唔願訓呀… 好多謝 Daniel Tam Ka Nam 幫我地影左輯咁靚既相!
未影之前, 真係好期待, 仲成日係咁睇佢facebook d 相, 真係好impressive, 好鐘意. 一直好期待見呢個有18萬人LIKE 既攝影師 所以影之前其實我係勁緊張.
仲記得晌拍攝前一日, 佢已經打俾我同我分析天氣狀況會係點.. 而拍攝當日都真係好似佢講咁.. 雖然因為能見度低而影唔到我期待既藍天白雲相 但佢反而利用呢樣野做出另一種意境! 仲影左一輯好靚既相添! 要做到咁一D都唔簡單. 感謝讓我們遇上你!

review cynthia and simon 04review cynthia and simon 01review cynthia and simon 03

Testimony #25

Peggy and Andy (Japan prewedding)Review peggy and andy 01

Daniel, 1000000 thanks for your and MUA C Long’s hard work in the pre-wedding shoot. We never expected that you initiated to walk around all the places on the first day we arrived after a mid night tiring flight. What also amazed us was you and ah Long worked for 19 hours on the shooting day for us, and traveled total 8 places but still in energetic and professional mode. Even though we kept banned by those temple guys and station staffs for taking picture, you and ah Long still tried to hard to sneak in first to explore the place and briefed us the pose with ah Long as model. We believe it can never happen without such a cooperative team work of you and ah Long. We deeply appreciate for your professionalism and passion in talking those beautiful pictures and wonderful make up and hairdos. We will definitely recommend my friends to find you for photo shooting and MUA C Long Chung for make up in the future. We look forward in reviewing the pictures later. Keep in touch~

Review peggy and andy 04 Review peggy and andy 03Review peggy and andy 02

Testimony #26

Carrie and Fung (Pregnancy)

review carrie and fung 01

Thanks so much for bringing me another wonderful photo-shooting experience yesterday.

I am lucky enough to find a professional and trustworthy photographer like YOU to witness and record my 2 precious moments in life.
Per-wedding photos are definitely important to every girl but for me, maternity photos are even more important! It’s because pregnant ladies may not have other chances in life that perceive ourselves as beautiful, gorgeous, elegant and healthy even with our 40-something-inch waist length!
I am looking forward to the birth of my baby girl as well as the new-born photo shooting session by you few months later! I am confident that your good hands can make another great page for my “life photo album”.

My heartfelt thanks to you again!

review carrie and fung 02

Testimony #27

Kareena and Omesh (Hong Kong prewedding + Hong Kong wedding day)

Review Kareena and Omesh 01It was about a year ago when we began our search for a photographer to take our pre-wedding photos. We had no idea what we should be looking for, who was hot in the market, what prices would be considered reasonable, etc. We were basically thinking how will we ever find “The One”?!

When we came across Daniel’s website and looked at his work, we knew right way that Daniel would be “The One” who could do the perfect job for us.

On the day of the shoot, Daniel showed up professionally prepared with a bucket full of energy. Taking into account the style of photos we were looking for, Daniel suggested great locations and provided the perfect make-up artist who did the make-up flawlessly and naturally. During the shoot, Daniel came up with various creative ideas and we were amused by how imaginative he can be. Although the weather turned bad as the day rolled along and we were both very tired from from hours of posing. Daniel was still full of energy and inspiration. We had an amazing day with Daniel and his crew. We were extremely happy with what Daniel and his team did for us and know without a doubt that we had made the right choice. We were also absolutely stunned at was delivered to us with the price paid – it was definitely the money. We are extremely excited that Daniel will also be shooting for us on our wedding day and simply can’t wait to see more of his wonderful work.

Review Kareena and Omesh 03 Review Kareena and Omesh 02

Testimony #28

Monica and Daniel (Hong Kong prewedding + Pregnancy & Newborn)Review Monica and Daniel 07

My fiance and I were fortunate enough to have found Daniel Tam Ka Nam and had a very enjoyable shoot with him, that ended with many many stunning photos. Daniel is a very gifted photographer, and what strikes me most about him is how he manages to capture the joy and magic on the day and reflect those in the photos in such a classy and tasteful manner. His images not only fulfill what you had in mind, they exceed it. We cannot stress enough how happy we are to have entrusted him with our pre wedding shoot. We were indeed in very good hands. Thanks again Daniel!

Review Monica and Daniel 08

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Testimony #29

Edna and Dorian (Hong Kong wedding day)

Review Edna and Dorian 04Hi, Daniel, we just want to extend our appreciation to have Daniel Tam Ka Nam and hid creqws to be our wedding day photographer. Though we haven’t seen all the photos yet but your same day slideshow video were absolutely stunning and impressive to everyone. 朋友同屋企人都好鍾意,真係百看不厭!

Actually our schedule wedding day was overrun, we were fortunate enough to have your prompt advice and idea on how to continue the photo shooting and captured every precious moment right on time with a perfect location. You are so well talented and your crews are just awesome! Thank you for everything!
Look forward to seeing your wonderful work!

Review Edna and Dorian 01 Review Edna and Dorian 02 Review Edna and Dorian 03Review Edna and Dorian 05 Review Edna and Dorian 06 Review Edna and Dorian 07

Testimony #30

Cece and Anthony (Hong Kong wedding day)Review Cece and Anthony 02

Hi Daniel, words cannot express how lucky we feel to have you and your team to capture those precious moments on our wedding day. I’ve received so many compliments from friends and families telling us how those images brought tars into their eyes, even though, we were all laughing so hard in those photos. I guess, that’s your talent– to touch the bottom of people’s heart through those magical images you create!

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