Testimony 31-40

Testimony #31

Manyi and Johnny (Prague prewedding + Hong Kong wedding day)
Review Manyi and J04ohnny

Thank you Daniel! We are so happy to have you as our photographer for the prewedding and big day.
For taking the best shots once in a life time, I did search for many photographers online, but none of them attracted me like Daniel did. To be frank, the price of hiring Daniel may not be the cheapest, but the quality and service from Daniel are definitely the best!
Our prewedding photos were taken in Prague. We are so grateful to have Daniel to carry us along the journey. Before heading to Prague, I was worrying about the preparation of the trip. He was such a casual and easy-going person to comfort me by answering me all the questions patiently, as well as offering different useful suggestions about the transportation or make-up. Because of his thoughtfulness, the process ran very smoothly. Even the weather at that time was a bit foggy and rainy, the photos were still very stunning.
For our wedding day, again we could see what an experience photographer could do. For sure, he did manage the time well and follow the shooting schedule on time. But what impressed me the most was his suggestion to take photos for my parents and create a slideshow. When the video was played, all the relatives and guests were all very excited, creating a climax for our Big Day. This is an exclusive style and service which other photographer cannot give.
All in a nutshell, as a photographer, Daniel got the talent in taking photos. He is so sensitive to the camera to capture the right moment. He was devoted for the best shots. As a friend, he communicated well with us, as well as being helpful and considerate to us all the time. We are very satisfied with the photo albums and canvas as well!

Once again thank you Daniel!

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Testimony #32

Yan and Billy (Venice, Paris prewedding + Hong Kong wedding day + Pregnancy)review yan and billy 01

歐洲影相之旅終於圓滿結束,多謝Daniel幫我地影左咁多靚相,山長水遠陪我地去凡爾賽,不辭勞苦為我地影好每一個shot,多謝你一落機就同我地去巴黎”sight-seeing”,你甚至比我地更著緊d相影得夠唔夠好,想起一年起一睇到你d相就一見鐘情,見面一次就決定join你,今日覺得自己好幸運遇到你,你不只是天份的藝術家,更是一個好有heart的攝影師,真的衷心感謝你Daniel!我好多謝我MUA C Long 幫我化左個好靚既妝同造型,全部我都好鐘意,除左兼顧化妝之外,萬能的C Long仲擔當燈童、紗童既角色,發揮得淋漓盡致,淋住雨都重打燈打得咁澤,C Long你好勁呀!呢個旅程真係幸苦你地兩位咁take care我地,識到你地兩位朋友真係好開心呢。

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Testimony #33

Becky and Dt (Hong Kong prewedding)

Review Becky and Dt 03Many couples warn us that taking pre-wedding photos are tired and exhausting. Since we chose a foreign country and a foreign photographer to capture our pre-wedding photo it should be a very tough day for us because of many external factors such as weather, communication, culture etc. But on the shooting day, things were much different than we expected. Daniel and everyone in his team are friendly, willing to help and very professional which make us feel so comfortable and no stressful. We knew that this was the first time which Daniel ever took pictures with the Thai traditional wedding dress but we can feel that he did try his best to find the best solutions  to make the shoots beautiful and special and the outcomes as we had a sneak peel through the camera are amazing, much better than other Thai photographer shoots who often take photo with Thai traditional dress. We enjoy every moment of this wonderful experiment and every time we take a look back at behind-the-scences photos, we get big smiles on our faces. We couldn’t wait too see the final production of our pre-wedding album and the best thing is: For us, they are not  only beautiful photos, they are very much like unforgettable memories of a life event in a beautiful country with lovely people and for that, we would like to thank Daniel and his team from the bottom of our hearts and we wish you all the best!

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Testimony #34

Gina and Robin (Hong Kong prewedding)

Sorry for taking so long to write you a testimony.
You know why? Because you suck!! You thought I was 16!! Too young to get married huh? hahahahahaa..
Even you suck, I have to admit that your work is unbelievably PERFECT, Daniel!! Robin and I were so amazed with your work. We like it so much!!
And it was very nice to work with you as well! You and your team are very friendly which makes us had so much fun on the photoshoot.
For those who still hesitating to do photoshoot with Daniel, don’t be!! His shots are the best and he edited his photos all by himself. Really.. Perfection is all he does. I am not exxagerating this. He really can take photos that actually he doesn’t have to edit at all because it’s already an excellent shots. But after he edited the photos, it becomes incredibly awesome! He is like “The God of Photography”. Trust me, Daniel is a legendary photographer that will never fail you. True story!
After all, thank you so much, Daniel! We really do enjoy the photoshoot and hope to see you on the maternity shoot ^^

Reviw Gina and Robin 03

Testimony #35

Fion and Ignatius (LA prewedding)Review Fion and Ignatius 01

I guess it’s time to write a review for Master Tam! I have been really excited yet nervous about the photoshoot since Day 1 I decided to join the pre-wedding tour – we tried as much as we can to get the dress, book the place, research for locations for the photoshoot and just hope everything will go as smoothly as it could. To be honest, at the beginning things doesn’t go 100% like it ran in my mind, which got me really nervous!!! But thanks to Daniel’s excellent photography and interpersonal skills  he reassured me that EVERYTHING will be ok, and it did!!!!! His work worthed EVERY CENT because he gave more than 100% to prepared for the photoshoot!!!!!!!! His passion and skills to photography, and his unique visions on each photoshoot location cannot be compared with any of the other photographers I’ve met in the past!!! Not to mention when my fiance and I were lying in bed exhausted to death, I got a facebook notice that he finished editing the first photo and tagged me at 3:30 A.M.!!!! (did I back to Hong Kong 11:00 a.m. the very same day?)I call it PASSION!!!!!!! Thank you so much again for doing our pre-wedding photoshoot and I look forward to see the rest of the masterpieces!!!Review Fion and Ignatius 05Review Fion and Ignatius 04 Review Fion and Ignatius 03Review Fion and Ignatius 02

Testimony #36

Shirley and Charles (Hong Kong prewedding)

Review Shirley and Charles 02Sorry it took so long to writer you a testimony, but you definitely deserve one!

I knew about Daniel from a friend who was looking for a pre-wedding photographer at the time. When I got to check out his work, I was AMAZED at all the beautiful pictures he took. From then, I started “stalking” his Facebook and website and keep looking forward to new posts from him! I wasn’t even engaged at the time and already made a promise to myself that I would definitely fly back and book Daniel for my pre-wedding session if I was ever engaged!
I was quite nervous on the day of photo-shoot due to weather (rainy & cold) and worried that photos wouldn’t come out great with bad weather. But thanks to Daniel and his team, they kept us stress free and really got to enjoy the day, not to mention that it stopped raining by the time we went for outdoor scenes I really enjoyed working with Daniel and his team, whom all presented professionalism and passion about what they are doing!

All my friends and family that saw the pictures had nothing but compliments about them. They were also so amazed at how beautiful the beautiful the pictures are and it was funny to see many jaw-dropping reactions! Some were even so jealous I was able to have a session done with Daniel and wish they knew about him earlier!

Daniel, you are definitely the master of beautiful pictures especially with the veil and wind! Thank you for set of great and beautiful pictures! Charles and I love them so much and just this testimony is not enough to express our gratitude for your hard  work!!Review Shirley and Charles 01Review Shirley and Charles 03

Testimony #37

Joycelin and Jacky (Paris prewedding)

Review Joycelin and Jacky 01


在巴黎影相時,C Long一朝早就幫Joycelin化左個靚妝,Daniel之後就教我地擺pose,短短幾分鐘就好似Model上身咁,又挺胸又收腹,仲有助手阿Rex,佢攞住D好重既的器材跑左成日,辛苦曬~~~



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Catherine and Peter (Hong Kong prewedding)

Daniel is definitely a perfect choice if you are looking for a photographer for your memorable moments.
We chose Daniel to be our prewedding photographer because we were both impressed by his photos after seeing his work on the internet. Daniel’s photos are different from the other photographers. His photos always show a good balance between background and couples. Daniel’s photoshooting skill is very unique and this is what we like about his work.
We stayed in Hong Kong for our prewedding photos and chose to shoot at the Peak, in Tai Mo Shan and Central. Although we had a tight schedule as the places are all far apart, we had a great day with Daniel and his team! We started our day at Daniel’s studio. After finishing make-up and hair-do by C Long and getting changed, Daniel started teaching us how to pose and smile naturally in front of camera. It was not an easy task for us as we are not models. Thanks to Daniel for the techniques which made our day a lot easier.
It was comfortable to work with Daniel and his team. They are not only nice but also willing to satisfy our wants. We told Daniel we would like to capture sunset in Tai Mo Shan. It was quite foggy on our prewedding phototaking day, but Daniel still tried his best to take as many photos as he could hoping to have some good sunset photos. We told R that we would like to have the format of our prewedding video similar to Singafive, a famous youtube travel video that changes scene with high-five. R helped us to tape and edit the video as we requested.
Daniel is passionate about his work. He did not mind working overtime. He is also a perfectionist striving for flawlessness. We could see the effort he put in taking each photo. His work and products are always of good quality.
We are happy to have Daniel to be our prewedding photographer. It was a great experience. We will definitely find Daniel to capture our important moments again in the future!
Thanks again Daniel, R and C Long!

Review Catherine and Peter 06

Testimony #39

Silva and Victor (Hong Kong prewedding + Hong Kong wedding day)

Review Silva and Victor 05“Can you come out for a chat so can we can listen to your ideas? We haven’t done such thing before.” This is how it began to turn you from a “Ying-Sheung-Lo”(“photo guy” in Cantonese slang) to a witness who is second to the lawyer at the registration table on a day in Mar.2013.

Curiosity drives excellence. I started the treasure hunt in Sep.2011 from nowhere but glancing different works of different photographers. You showed the most curiosity among other photographers I met. I was surprised that not many photographers had been asked to take photos on proposal day. This is good so we can make some funs.

I was actually choosing a photographer who I might use him/her for Proposal, Pre-wedding, and Wedding day photos shooting. It was a hard decision to make because I was looking for someone who can do journalism, fine-art, and improvisation. I  always believe a sole photographer may see more about us, which may take photos more lively with characteristics. I placed my bet on you.

4 months to proposal day, may thanks to your ideas and advice how to wrap this day better and safer so you wouldn’t miss any super duper important shots.

On proposal day, it was a casual day taking casual photos in casual wears in most casual places. I was glad to knw it could be one of your easiest and enjoyable day(now I envy your job!). Nightfall, mission began and accomplishedd as planned. You’ve captured the precious moment right on time and spot on. Your crew did an excellent job and the video filming crew(Gabriel Wedding Video) made this night even flawless.

It was always enjoyable to see how a mentally illed perfectionist to craft a photo-piece with his eyes and just a little bit of touch-up. So my sympathy to you for being picked on our pre-wedding and wedding day shooting, by a even more crazy man.

Sep.2012 pre-wedding shotting day which to many people it’s the only day in their lives be a “famed” model from day to night. To make it funnier(to me) and worse(on you), I spent about 2 months time in seeking the most strangest, remote, and uncommon but amazing places in this city. The photos are speechlessly stunning. We like the way how you blended the people into a panoramic scenery. It would not be an easy job as you hadn’t been to those  places before. However, your gifted shutter-pressing-finger made this day wonderful except not being able to fix my hardened pose and gestures.

Now we became friends.
Mar.2013 you are a friendly photographer on our wedding day. More or less the same like other typical Hong Kong style wedding as many others could expect. However, it is the family photos who caught the attention from all the guests. Your photos bridged the gap between two generations. Your heartful creativity is a wake-up call to us that a marriage is a continuation of a family. It could be an ordinary and simple shot of portrait but it is your sense and eyes which made things different. Not only the once-in-the-life moment is captured, you also made the photo speaks.

To complete our wedding day, the long waited same-day-edit slideshow was a final surprise to everyone. It blew us away and re-defined what elements could be added to ordinary wedding-day photos.

I don’t know how could you do it. Perhaps it is all about passion, creativity, determination, and uniqueness to transform yourself from a Ying-Sheung-Lo to “NOT QUITE A PHOTOGRAPHER”.

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Testimony #40

Winky and Kenny (Hong Kong prewedding + Newborn)

Review Winky and Kenny 01When Kenny and me were searching online for the pre-wedding photographer, we saw Daniel’s masterpiece online and all we can say is WOW! INCREDIBLE! We couldn’t have found anything better so we confirmed Daniel as the photographer for our pre-wedding !

From the first meetings with Daniel, he gave us professional advice on shooting location, wedding gown, look and feel to the photos… We really appreciate the time Daniel spent with us. He surely go extra mile for us !! Those advice are important especially when we had a tremendously difficult time in choosing  the photos because they all are amazing !

Not only Kenny and me were thoroughly impressed by the beautiful photos captured by Daniel, many of my friends and my family members told me the photos are the best pre-wedding photo’s they’ve even seen.

Thank you Daniel for helping us memorise such a special time once in a lifetime !! Affirmatively, We treasure these fabulous photos so much and use them as mobile wallpaper and decoration of our home!!

We would definitely recommend Daniel !!
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