Testimony 41-50

Testimony #41

Dicky and Bum (Beijing prewedding)Review Dicky an Bum 06

This memory is only as good as the photographs. There are only a limited number of times in your adulthood that you can howl at the moon, and wedding is one of those few occasions. That’s why we had been trying so hard at looking for a professional photographer. After months of researching, we found Daniel Tam Ka Nam. Unfortunately it was too late for our big day on 12/12/12 as he has been booked by others already. Luckily, he can take our pre-wedding set! We decided to go to Beijing, the cultural centre of China where beautiful places and ancient architectures can be located. To be honest, I was a bit worried before the trip as I didn’t have any experience on posing. I have to say “thanks a lot” to @Danial Tam Photography for 100000 times (I think it’s still not enough! hahaha). Daniel had helped me on that a lot. He is very friendly and was being very helpful on posing and showing us where the best locations are. Needless to say, the results were incredible. Actually I don’t need to tell, as you can prove it from our photos!!!! How wonderful they are! Thank u, Daniel, again, for creating such beautiful.

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Testimony #42

Josephine and Thomas (Pregnancy)

Review Josephine and Thomas 01 Hi Daniel,這些說話一直在我心中一年,今日終於趁Kady訓了找到些時間給你寫post
thanks you all so much!!

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Testimony #43

Stephanie and Dion (Florence prewedding)

Review Stephanieand Dion 01 Our pre-wedding pictures taken at Firenze came back!
Heart felt appreciation to Daniel Tam Ka Nam and the crew for such wonderful and artistic pictures. We love every single one of them, and the shoot was and will continue to be a very memorable experience to us.
Great things are happening in the coming 3 months, and we look forward to celebrating such an important occasion with our dearest friends and families in the UK and HK.

Extremely blessed with an eventful day surrounded by warm-hearted people, the talented photographer Daniel Tam Ka Nam and the attentive crew. We knew beforehand we would be in great hands regardless of any change of weather, and their professional and impeccable skills on the day surpass any of our expectations. They are willing to go above and beyond just to get the perfect picture, and we are sure that the outcome will be great with so much hearty effort put into every single shot!

Heart felt appreciation for capturing such an important stage of our lives.

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Testimony #44

Heidi and Stanley (Prague, London prewedding + Hong Kong wedding day)

Review Heidi and Stanley 01

Thank you Daniel for taking my pre wedding and wedding day photos! I had a great time working with him! He is such a professional and experienced photographer, especially for the overseas wedding photography.

I was very impressed when I first had the appointment with Daniel. His portfolio was stunning as he showed a totally different style from other photographers, even with the same backdrop or views. Also, I appreciate his passion in photography. He is an artist who has his own aesthetics and limitless new ideas, but he would still respect our opinions and preferences.

We took our pre wedding shot in Praque and London. Overseas photography was not an easy task as there was so much to care other than the skills of the photographer, such as the weather, transportation and time constraints. We appreciated Daniel and his crew. They were so familiar with the environment and gave swift responses in whatever situations. There was a point that we were in a church where we only had five minutes to take the shots. With dim light inside the church, Daniel still managed to capture the best angles in such a short time. Also, we were then forbidden to take photos on a bridge during a rainy night. Everything seemed messy at that time, but Daniel turned out made his photos in a distinctive, greyish style. He also recommended us to stand in the middle of the road with cars passing by next to us. I remembered that was freezing in the midnight. On one hand, Daniel had to set his equipment quickly. At the same time, he needed to give us clear instructions to strike poses. The photos turned out to be very elegant and eye-catching.

He is indeed a humorous and friendly person. Therefore, during my big day in Four Seasons Hotel, he did cheer up my family. At the mean time, he caught the best timing to capture the natural smiles on their faces. What gave us the biggest surprise was the photos for our parents. I will never forget their joyful faces in the video Daniel made. Matching perfectly with the moving background music, the video made the audience so delightful and the moment was the climax on that day.

Once again, we are happy to have Daniel as our friend. I would definitely recommend Daniel to our friends. And we will see each other again soon in my sister’s wedding!

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Testimony #45

Red and Anson (Hong Kong prewedding + Hong Kong wedding day)Review Red and Anson review 01

其實資金也很緊咄的!我們不是有錢人,沒有很多的資金去籌辦婚禮,但我們決定要找一家比較好的再拍,便只好在別的地方慳d使吧! 倆口子在一起,最重要是意向一致吧?
由於午飯過後,仍然落著毛毛細雨,我地一行人唯有繼續向準備好的酒店出發,當入房時望向窗外,發現雨過天晴,仲見到雲烽間出現耶穌光,以為轉運喇,立時Daniel 又同我倆個一齊癲,話要飛奔上摩星嶺影雲。
當我地極速換妝換衫就立即出發,到達目的地仍然有段路要再往上走,辛苦哂Daniel , R同C Long,搬住咁多器材陪我地上山搵景影相。

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Testimony #46

Suki and Mac (Hong Kong wedding day)

Review Suki and Mac 03Hi Daniel,多謝你能夠當我們的婚禮攝影師,欣賞你和你的團隊對工作的熱誠⋯雖然我們們次不是找你替我們拍攝prewedding的(全因認識得你們太遲了),但我完全感受到你這攝影達人的創意程度,當你能夠找到週邊環境可以觸發到你的拍攝靈感時,你是無比的興奮⋯謝謝你替我們家人留下最chok最感人的一刻,令全場氣氛高漲⋯一生人一次的婚禮,是你替我們留下美好回憶的⋯無言感激!

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Testimony #47

Debbie and Dickson (Hong Kong – prewedding + wedding day)

Review Debbie and Dickson 08Daniel helped us to shoot for pre-wedding and wedding day and the products are so good! We found Daniel after seeing his work from his Facebook page. What impressed us the most was that we could directly make appointment to him instead to the salesman, which was a friendlier practice than that of the big company. He suggested us some attractive locations for the shooting. More than that, his style of the photos is natural and beautiful. Therefore, we chose him as our photographer.
We expected that the shooting experience, such us striking poses and rushing to different places within a day, would be tiring and challenging. After all, we are not professional models who are used to striking poses. But the shooting experience that Daniel gave us was the opposite! Daniel, as well as his crew, were all very humorous and talkative, which made the shooting experience fun and relaxing. He was definitely not an arrogant photographer like what I had imagined. Daniel taught us how to pose from different angles in front of the camera and even demonstrate us some ‘feminine’ poses haha!

I remember we took the pre-wedding photos in April. We visited various famous spots in Hong Kong, like the peak and Tai Mo Shan. Everything, no matter for the schedule, transportation or shooting, ran smoothly. It was so happy that we even bought some street food to Tai Mo Shan and chitchatted all along the journey. I guess it was because Daniel could capture different moments sharply and quickly, so it did not take long to finish all the shoots. Especially for the wedding day, we had a very tight schedule. He grabbed every chance to record the precious moments. In the hotel, he found an excellent spot that the whole Victoria Harbour could be captured. It was so rush that we only had 10 minutes to take some photos but they turned out to be our favorites.

Most importantly, we are both satisfied for the products, including the photos, the canvas or the slideshow for the wedding. All our beloved ones, especially our mums and dads, were captured by Daniel. We know that he was busy but he was always responsible, so all the products were sent on time. We look forwards to having him as our photographer for pregnancy photos. We had such a nice experience that we will definitely refer him to our friends and families!

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Testimony #48

Denise and Sirius (Family)Review Denise and Sirius 02

I really appreciate Daniel’s shooting for me and my family. They are not only lovely but also create memory for us. I have known Daniel for a long time, witnessing his interest becoming his profession. Seeing how amazing and natural his photo are, I begin asking him to take picture for me.The first time  I ask him for help is my wedding day. He takes snapshot for me and they are all so natural that he seems to capture a particular moment for me with all the joy inside. Whenever I see them, I can still feel the happiness in every one of them.Then it is my family photo. Before the photoshoot, Daniel spends time with us to talk about the arrangement and gives us suggestion with his past experience.

On the day of the shooting, the weather is unexpected and Tai Mo Shan becomes too cold and windy for our shooting. So Daniel immeidately comes with another suggestion of switching the venue to Nam Sang Wai. The place turns out to be excellent. Throughout the whole process, Daniel is as professional as always but at the same time, his humour eliminates the chance of this seriousness intimidating us. He is also very patient and goes along with my daughter that she gets lots of fun throughout the process. He does not capture the happiness for us but creating it for us.

The third time he helps us is when a new family member enters our family. Taking a photo for her must be very big challenge as she always cries and does not sleep. However, Daniel can always find the moment to take the best photo. Unlike the ordinary sleeping baby photo, he tries other pose with her. All the photo impress us.

I hope that when my children grow up, Daniel will continue to take photo for us as to capture all the special moments in our lives.

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Testimony #49

Phoebe and Desmond (Hong Kong prewedding + Wedding Day)

My husband and I have a great devotion to the natural environment. That’s why long before I meet Daniel, I am fascinated by his outdoor wedding photos shown on Facebook. Once I decide to get married, I immediately fetch his help for my pre-wedding and wedding photo.

Daniel is very thoughtful that at the beginning, he shows us albums of photo to choose from as for reference of styles and atmosphere so that it is easier for us to choose our pre-wedding shooting venues.

Finally, we have 3 places for the outdoor shooting, Tai Mo Shan, Ha Pak Lai and Central. Tai Mo Shan is somewhere Daniel recommends to us, Ha Pak Lai is where we have a good time watching the sunset and Central, an entire contrast of the countryside chosen for the first two places. We really love the idea till today, especially for the photo taken in Ha Pak Lai. They are not only beautiful, but also reminds us the time we spent there.

We really appreciate Daniel’s detail-mindedness as he has organized a plan on where to go as to make the best use of the time. He also does not mind, providing me a lot of helpful ideas for my clothes before the shooting. His advice might be very straight forward or even not my first choice. However, looking back, I am very glad that I take those advices or else I might regret it.

On the day of our shooting, the weather is melting. However, Daniel is dedicated as ever. At the beginning of the shooting, my husband and I do not really know how to deal with the camera, but with Daniel’s instruction and humor, we relaxed a lot and get into the mood very easily. All the photo turns out to be very pretty and reveals a lot about us.

Our big day venue is Intercontinental Hong Kong, it’s on Christmas Eve. We are so thankful that he is willing to spend this holiday with us and also really appreciate him to be a Santa Claus, bringing back the heavy equipment to office after party end. Throughout the day, I am so busy that I do not have enough time to talk to every single one in the wedding. However, I can feel all their blesses in the video taken by Daniel. It is so sweet that Daniel make a slide-show of our parents and us like the happiness being passed from them to us. Even now, whenever I watch it again, my tear just bursts out.

Daniel, thank you again for your great work. We hope to have you saving all the important moments in our life.Review Phoebe and Desmond 04Review Phoebe and Desmond 03Review Phoebe and Desmond 05Review Phoebe and Desmond 06

Testimony #50

Vivian and Victor (Paris 2 days prewedding + Hong Kong wedding day)Review Vivian and Victor 01

Daniel was not only my photographer, but also a friend of mine. It is such a coincidence that he has the same last name as that of my husband. I always think that we meant to become friends and work together well in both my pre wedding and big day photo-taking.

I recalled that I found his work on Facebook. Daniel was a famous wedding photographer in Hong Kong and I finally figured out the reason after reading his profile. His style was different from the other. Usually photographers like to create dreamy and romantic atmosphere for pre wedding photos, but Daniel, on the opposite, tends to project strong and overwhelming visual effects in his photos. Travelling so far to shoot my pre wedding photos in Paris, France, I was hoping to create a unique album and no one could finish it as perfect as what Daniel did.

We were so lucky that the weather at that time was so great. It was not too hot but with sufficient sunlight, giving the best natural colour of the photos. We shot on all those famous tourist spots, such as Eiffel tower and Louvre Museum. Daniel was giving his 100% to shoot at the best angles. He would lie on the floor or climbed up on the stairs for a perfect with the pedestrians not showing in the photos. Meanwhile, he gave us useful and clear tips to strike poses, such as the ways to place our legs so as to pose naturally elegantly. Those are the skills I can use in my everyday life!

After working with Daniel, I was so confident for inviting Daniel to be the photographer for our Big Day in W Hong Kong. Everything ran smoothly as I expected. He captured the most precious moments on that day. What impressed us the most was that he took excellent pictures for our siblings. They could not be ‘cooler’ by showing their most stylistic poses! Although the schedule was so tight which lasted until midnight that we could not take photos next to the swimming pool in the hotel, Daniel still managed well to capture the most beautiful and shining moments in my life.

I would definitely introduce him to my friends and relatives. I am hoping to have him for my pregnancy shoot in the near future. It is great to have you as my friend, Daniel!Review Vivian and Victor 03Review Vivian and Victor 02Review Vivian and Victor 03