Testimony 51-60

Testimony #51

Ling and Ks (Studio Prewedding)Review Ling and Ks prewedding 01

We take our pre-wedding photo with Daniel in the Studio with my dog and this is surely one of the cleverest decisions made.

Our first knowledge of Daniel is form Facebook. His photos fascinated us. We decide to have him as our pre-wedding photographer when we decide not to have something ordinary but with different angles.

Before the shooting, Daniel provides us with excellent advice on our clothes, make-up and styles. It is heartwarming that he has many demo photograph which we can choose from. In this way, it is easier for us to tell him what exactly do we want and for him to understand our need.

The whole shooting process is very comfortable for us. Instead of stiff and formal which are the common impression of studio, Daniel’s studio is more like a home to us. It helps us to relax and reveal ourselves.

Besides, you can tell how experienced Daniel is when he instructs our pose. Since we are not professional models, it is hard for us to think of any pose. However, Daniel helps us with not only professional instruction with a little bit of humor. Some of the pose we do are just voluntary inspired by his talk with us. He cleverly captures those natural moment of us together. We look fit and happy inside the photo without being photo edited.

As mentioned, we have brought our dog along with us. Originally, it is our concern whether it will be difficult to take any picture of it as it likes moving around. However, we would really love it to be involved in this important moment in our life as it means a family member to us. Our dog just looks amazing as it is always attracted to the camera.

Thank you for these. We really love the pictures and hope Daniel will help us with our baby’s photo soon.

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Testimony #52

Mandy and Raymond (Venice 2 days prewedding + Hong Kong wedding day)Review Mandy and Raymond 01

Thank you for Daniel’s good work in Venice for our pre wedding photography. They are as good as the others that we view on Facebook.

Before the trip, Daniel is willing to spend a lot of time communicating with us on what we want and how we can prepare for what we want such as the style of clothes and other things. Although he has been there for more than one time, he is still very dedicated in looking for the most suitable location in Venice according to our request.

The two-day trip is full of fun. We went to a very grand Hotel called Hotel Danieli. It is very beautiful. The setting is classic and luxurious like most of the other architects in Europe, but more mysterious than the others we encounter. Since there are many symmetrical elements inside the building, Daniel can play with the space a lot. The contrast between our modern wedding gown and the historical building also bombers some unexpected style that catch one’s eye ball.

For the other photos, we took them on Burano Island, an island full of colorful houses. Compared with the photo in the hotel, they go on an easier style. The color tune is much lighter and they are much softer and livelier. Thanks to Daniel’s suggestion on how more layer of dress will look prettier in the photo. The dress turns out to fit the colorful houses on the island a lot, making me fairy living in this fairy tale.

Even though we only have 2 days together in Venice, we has been to a lot of fascinating places in Venice. Daniel is always so liable and chill that he keep us always happy in the trip. We are so excited to Daniel’s good work on our big day.

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Testimony #53

Jenny and Henry (Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand prewedding + Hong Kong wedding day)Review Henny and Henry


I met Daniel from my workplace since 2012. For the time being, he just started his career in wedding photography. I was already impressed by some of his masterpieces with outstanding quality. They look like a painting.

5 years later, I turn to a new page of life and having my once in a lifetime wedding event. My memory on his photography work has been retrieving automatically and his BIG name “Daniel Tam” was appeared from my mind. Therefore, I decided to ask for his help in more than one year in advanced.

From the idea of our wedding decoration, me & my fiancé came up with the theme of four seasons for our pre-wedding photos, symbolizing the colorful life we will experience together in the future and the rest of our lives.

We have been discussing with Daniel on the shooting plan. He has been very helpful and his seasoned experience in private shooting over different countries did help us to solve a lot of problems. He came up with ideas for feasible locations and shooting details on each theme very professionally. Eventually, we have decided to go for red autumn leaves in the southern part of New Zealand for the theme of autumn and catch the snow in Shirakawa-go, Japan for the theme of winter.

Daniel was so dedicated throughout the whole shooting process from art direction, planning, site inspection and shooting arrangement. For one example out-of the many, Daniel went to New Zealand a few days in advanced to conduct site inspection on his own to identify suitable shooting locations, which led us a more efficient itinerary with a better plan from spot to spot and speeded up the whole shooting process eventually. He showed us the pictures on each spot he explored for our options. He was a really professional photographer.

One of the most unforgettable experience was that we came across the melting of snow in Japan which has resulted in a dramatic decrease in temperature that made us a very difficult situation during the shooting. To a perfectionist like Daniel, he ignored how wet and freezing was the snow ground, and lay down on the floor to take some brilliant pictures for us. It really touches me from my bottom of heart.

I believe that one of the concerns for most women is how we look in the photos. Are we in a good body shape? I do not need to worry a bit about it in the whole shooting process because Daniel provided an excellent and professional guidance on what kind of gowns I should pick and what pose does help the bodyline. He took really good care of us not only in the photo shooting but also in mental. Another concern I had in the shooting was the feeling of my fiancé during the shooting. Like many other men do, he does not like taking photos even in his daily life. Daniel was very thoughtful and considerate. He suggested us to take a studio shooting to get some practice on posing and get a feel of wedding shoot before the overseas trips. For those overseas trips, he always help us to make a good plan on the shooting duration and changeover as to minimize the shooting time of my fiancé and keep him in a relaxing mood most of the time.

Last but not least, I appreciate the professional work from Daniel and his team. They are dedicated and passionate in photography. Even without any editing on the photos, they all look good enough for display. I am looking forward to Daniel’s good work on my big day. I hope Daniel will also enjoy my wedding day because we are already good friends.

Testimony #54

Josephine and Simon (Pregnancy + Newborn)Review Josephine and Simon

The idea of having pregnancy photo shooting came to my mind spontaneously. It suddenly struck me that it would be a great idea to capture this precious moment in my life. The name “Daniel Tam” popped up in mind as I have seen photography of my friends done by him. I contacted him without hesitation. Daniel is generous enough to let me squeeze in his already packed schedule as I would be delivering the baby at any time.

Even though it was a short notice for him, the communication between us was efficient and effective. Daniel asked about my expectation and gave professional suggestions accordingly. He understood what I needed. He did his very best to incorporate my requests into his shooting to make the final product a satisfying one.

We did the pregnancy photo shooting in his gallery. It was a whole package. The gallery was spacious with different backdrops available. Props and makeup service were included so all I had to do was literally to be there. I and my husband were a bit stiff and shy at first but Daniel was professional in giving direction. He was also a nice person to talk to. He is a father of a little girl as well so there were a lot to talk about between us. The relaxing atmosphere enabled us to show the most genuine smile in front of the camera.

As for the family shooting, Daniel and his professional team were nice enough to come to my home for the shooting, as it would be a bit difficult to carry my newborn baby around. He literally brought several crates along in which different props and towels for baby-caring were stored. Daniel was adaptive. He used curtain to cover the window as to control the lighting that fit best at that moment. Primitive setting did not bar him from producing excellent work. Sometimes my baby would cry during the shooting, Daniel was able to capture this, as I would name it “imperfect perfection”, with his professionalism.

I am really happy about the photography that Daniel has done for me. Once again a big thank you! He is the one if you are looking for someone to capture the big moment in your life.

Testimony #55

Kaman (Pregnancy)Review Kaman Chung

I contacted Daniel after rummaging part of his photography on his Facebook page. His style captivated me. We exchanged ideas through Facebook. I presented him some other pregnancy photography in order to better illustrate my thought. I was particularly amazed by the fact that he could actually present all the elements I wanted from that example in a completely different way. Of course the last thing he would do was solely duplicating from that example. He could do it with his own style merged in. I was really chuffed about that. It was like you didn’t need a watermark to know that it was made by Daniel Tam.

I did the pregnancy photo shooting at his gallery, which was spacious and bright, an ideal place for photo shooting. I was already in the 8-month of my pregnancy by that time, I looked a bit bloated back then. Daniel was able to give relevant suggestions as to how to pose would make me look slimmer in front of the camera. Besides, I might need extra time for changing as it was not easy to do so with an oversized belly. I was not very nimble because of the same reason. Daniel was really patient and understanding in the regard. As far as I can remember, even though the shooting took quite a long time, Daniel was nice enough to entertain all my requests to try different poses as to have the best result.

I also have to mention that even though I was doing photo taking in the nude. Imagine it was challenging enough for some people to pose or be calm in front of the camera, now I had to pose for the photography NAKED! There were only I, my husband, the makeup artist and Daniel presented. Daniel ensured that no one of redundant would present during the shooting. This guaranteed privacy made comfortable enough to finish the shooting. I was delighted to see I looked natural in the photos.

Testimony #56

Vivian and Edwin (Hong Kong prewedding + Hong Kong wedding day)Review Vivian and Edwin

I came across different photos made by Daniel when I was doing online research of different wedding photography packages in Hong Kong. His work was lively and gave me the impression that he was different from other photographers. This assumption was later proved to be correct on my wedding day. Daniel and his professional team were able to capture my big day in a comprehensive way. What he did was much more than pressing the shutter randomly whatever came up to him during the wedding. It was obvious that he had it well-planned in his mind beforehand. He wanted to present that day as if he was telling a story chronologically.

He asked for both my parents’ and parents-in-law’s wedding photo beforehand. At the beginning of the wedding day, he asked them to sit and pose in front of the camera. They all did accordingly without much doubt in head as we thought he was just doing his job. It turned out that these photos, altogether with other photos taken during the day, was edited and made into an animation to be shown at the end of the wedding. I was particularly moved when I saw the now and then wedding photos of my parents in my own wedding ceremony. Many of my friends and guests later told me that they all had the same feeling, that the video was the peak of the day, was like a brief summary of all the laughter and tears we have been through on that day.

Daniel is of course professional, there is no doubt about that. Besides that, he is a friendly person with great patience. I have been worried about stuff like the photos turn out to be dissatisfying or the color of my wedding dress would not match the backdrops in the pre-wedding day etc. Daniel was patient enough to answer all my questions personally and gave suggestions accordingly. I can tell that he tried his best to make everything work. In our conversations before the pre-wedding day, he gave a variety of suggestions from the location of the shooting to the color of my wedding dress after listening to what I want. He is enthusiastic and he takes his job seriously.

Daniel is at the same time a real problem-solver. There were, of course, some unexpected occasions in the wedding day, say, I needed extra time for changing so I could not make it to the specific point for photo on time.

Daniel would ask the crew to get ready there and once I was done with changing, they could proceed with the photo-taking immediately to catch up with time. He was also doing great in involving the guests. Thanks to Daniel, everything went smooth and problems could be solved almost instantly.

Speaking of professionalism, I still remember the outdoor shooting on the pre-wedding day, which was like dog days of the year. Daniel and his crew were soaking wet because of the photo-taking under the scorching sun but they never complained. He is particularly good at giving guidance as for how to pose, as I and my husband were both a bit shy in front of the camera. He would just talk to you to make feel relax. He would suggest poses that fit your personality so you would not look too awkward in front of the camera.

An album and canvas are included in the package. There is nothing bad I can say about them. I still have the canvas hanging in my living room. It would not be exaggerating to say that, they are not just wedding photos, but pieces of art.

Testimony #57

Teresa and Willis (Hong Kong, London, Rome prewedding + Wales, Hong Kong wedding day)Review Teresa and Willis

It is our pleasure to work with Daniel for my prewedding and big day albums. He is extraordinarily helpful and professional, which did not only give me some perfect albums, but also give me a piece of impressive memory. He is definitely one of the best wedding photographers in Hong Kong.

I knew Daniel with my friend’s referral. I was totally stunned by his unique style. His work is usually full of contrast with the light or colours, making the visual effects so vivid and eye-catching.

Apart from his mature photography skills, he is also a very easy-going person to hang with. He helped us along the journey, such as giving us many useful tips about striking poses, facing the cameras or even regarding how to organize a wedding. Meanwhile, he is a very thoughtful and careful person. The service he provided me was totally out of my expectation. For my pre-wedding shots, we did not only take the photos indoor, we also went to Shek O and some landmarks in Central. The weather was so cold and unfortunately, our car got broken down! At the moment we were panicking but Daniel reacted swiftly and found us another car very soon. Therefore, we caught our schedule timely.

At last, we did not only receive a piece of remembrance for the most precious moments in my life, but also made a very good friend! Thanks Daniel!

Testimony #58

Jacqueline and Kenneth (Pregnancy)Review Jacqueline and Kenneth

My husband and I are very happy we chose Daniel for our maternity photo shoot. Daniel was spectacular when it comes to controlling lighting to bring out our best angles and features. He was also very experienced in guiding me on how to pose and stand, so that my figure as a pregnant woman would look best in front of camera. He was very patient too as we shot the photos with our three dogs, which was not easy to say the least!

Testimony #59

Candy and Peter (Prague prewedding)Review Candy and Peter

I did not know where I should do my pre-wedding photo shooting until I saw Daniel’s work online. Those photo collections in his webpage rightly showed his expertise. They were all really impressive and I would want to have the same kind of ambience in my wedding photos. I contacted him and was glad to find that he offered oversea package. I thought to myself that, it would be a really great idea, to have the photo shooting all arranged for us and I and my husband can take it as a break to be out of Hong Kong for a while.

The communication with Daniel had been easy. Besides arranging the schedule, he would also take the chance to talk to us as to get a better idea of us as individual person. He would also give opinion regarding the dresses and location of the shooting. It gave me the feeling that, it was no just photo-taking for him and we were not just taken as objects placed within the frame. He would seize the chance to get to know us more, so as to present the theme in which we would express our emotions to make the photos fit our personality. I have to say that Daniel was undoubtedly an expert in giving posing suggestions. It was all because of him that we didn’t look stiff and odd in the photos.

We’d met in Prague and since the minute we arrived, we could just listen to Daniel. He had everything planned and organized. He’d told us when and where to meet for the make-up prior to the shooting.

The photo shooting took place in June, even though it was already “summertime” in Europe but it was still a bit chilly at night time. This sounded a bit disheartening as we set the shooting time at 1 a.m. to avoid the crowd ( and Europe could be freezingly cold when it was without sunlight). Dan’s assistant would pose for me in front of those churches and every other building to check if the lighting and angle was alright. I would rush to replace him when everything was ready. They tried very best to shorten the time that I had to expose to the coldness as much as possible, which was really considerate and kind of sweet. I therefore felt warm most of the time. The whole shooting lasted for around 10 hours including traveling and resting time. We headed to some popular tourist sightseeing places first and later on we’d gone to somewhere a bit farther from the city center to have a bit of alternatives.

I got the photos at around two month after the shooting along with an album and canvas, which were all of great quality. I liked them a lot, as well as all my friends and my family. I was glad that Daniel was punctual in fine-tuning the photography so that I could have the perfect pictures to shown in my wedding.

Thank you so much once again for your great efforts!

Testimony #60

Joanna and Ken (Pregnancy)Review Joanna and Ken

Thank you, Daniel, for being my pregnancy photographer! It was fun working with you.

I knew Daniel from one of my friends who once worked with Daniel. My attention was soon drawn by his work. At that time, I was looking for a photographer for my pregnancy album. I was not expecting something pinky and girly. Instead, I was hoping for a pregnancy album with the theme of ‘ballet’.

I was quite impressed when I told Daniel about my ideas, he had immediately come up with a theme of ‘black and white swans’. Soon our shooting began. We tried different angles and postures and it was full of fun. It was like we were experimenting the possibilities of this special theme. I could see that Daniel was very enthusiastic for his work, as well as very talented and professional. He gave us many good tips in facing the camera. He played well with light and angles. Most importantly, he respected our ideas and we communicated very well. After all, no wonder the album turned out as perfect as I expected!

Daniel was so into his work that he even forgot the time. We reserved him for two hours but we ended up using three hours enjoying shooting! Time flies when working with Daniel. We are hoping to meet Daniel for other photography sessions soon.

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