Testimony 61-70

Testimony #61

Jenn and Eavin (Pregnancy)Review Jenn and Eavin

Daniel’s wedding photography catches my attention at the beginning. It is amazing how he can show the styles of the couples with only lighting and shooting angles without much props. So, I take my maternity photography with him.

He is a very considerate and experienced photographer. He always gives very useful instruction which is easy to follow and will show the best shape of my body. Even though my tummy is not very obvious, he ties different angles to emphases the curve of my body. The photo, of course, turns out to be very nice.

Throughout the process, we have a lot of fun. Daniel does not limit us from posing but help us to record the real us. I love the ones taken with my husband very much. They show a lot of our personality.

What we also appreciate about Daniel is that, he is very professional. Even though we overrun, he does not stop immediately but continues until he finds the photo good enough. It is definitely an attitude towards one’s job. We are very content with Daniel’s work. They are all amazing. We wish to have Daniel taking the family photography for us when our kids grow older.

Testimony #62

Stephanie (Pregnancy + Newborn)Review Stephanie

Daniel Tam Ka Nam took care of my pregnancy photo shooting as well as that of my new born baby. When I first contacted him & his team, I was not doing a perfect job in explaining what I actually want. I just said I want “something cool, something stylish” and to look good in the photos, which was not very helpful to be honest. I guess Dan had already encountered don’t know how many times of situation like this, so he was experienced in asking me questions to get a better idea of what I want. Answering his questions, I realized I could gradually make up my mind and explain them in explicit terms. I told him that I was concerned about looking bloated in the photos due to my pregnancy; he could immediately come up with relevant suggestions, saying that using a black backdrop matching with certain costumes would fit best; as well as standing in a certain pose, followed with detailed explanation. The communication between us had been efficient and smooth. Dan and his team were all friendly and patient.

Daniel was also a caring person. When I arrived his gallery on the scheduled day, the heater was already on so I wouldn’t feel too cold during the shooting (as some of the dresses were quite revealing). He was very easy-going and friendly. He was also really good at breaking the ice, I and my husband were not as shy as we did in the beginning as we started to talk about basically everything. He gave really helpful comments as to how to tilt my head and body to a certain angle to look slimmer, as well as where to put my arms to look natural. It turned out that I looked really fine in the pictures; I did not look bloated as I thought I would.

As for the family shooting, Daniel came to my home with his assistant to do the shooting. He was a father as well so he knew how to take care of infant even better than I did! He was basically in charge of the whole shooting process and I was happy to let him do so. He had everything planned beforehand so they all turned out to be a big success. It had been a pleasure to work with Daniel. I highly recommend to anyone who is looking for professional photographer!

Testimony #63

Gabbe and Shek (Pregnancy + Newborn)Gabbe and Shek Pregnancy

It has been a very joyful experience to have Daniel to take our family photography.
Before the shooting, even though I choose Daniel to be my pregnancy photographer due to my flavor of his photographic style, I have some concern regarding the nude maternity photo. I am afraid of the embarrassment during the shooting. However, Daniel gives me a whole new perspective in this field.
On the day of shooting, Daniel is very organized. He starts with some easier poses and casual wears to warm me up for the shooting. Without noticing, I am very comfortable with the shooting and impressed by Daniel’s professional attitude. This comforts me a lot and increases my faith in him.
The final products show me no wrong. Although I am camera shy, the maternity photography all look lovely.
This is also why I ask Daniel to help me with my baby’s photography. He is only 10 days old when I take him to Daniel’s studio. It is quite amazing how Daniel can get him from crying so loud to sleeping sweetly by just patting her. He is also very considerate that he has installed an app in his phone to play music which calms baby down. I hope that Daniel will help me with my family photography later on.

Testimony #64

Bobo and Jerry (Pregnancy)Review Bobo and Jerry

For some reasons the advertisement of Daniel’s gallery popped up on my Facebook page (and I was really glad that happened!), in which showing all those truly amazing pregnancy photos made by him. The most impressive one, among the other, was the one in which a mother donned in a transparent crimson gown with long swathes beaming in all direction like a pleated-skirt. She looked very sexy in a positive way in the photo and it was not even suggestive. That moment I thought to myself, this was exactly the style that I want! I think the typical pregnancy photography was all about the feminine side of the mother-to-be, which can be a bit boring and predictable. I’d rather to have something cooler and I was certain that Daniel could help me with that.

Daniel was professional yet unassuming. He took us not only as customers. He asked about our hobbies before the shooting and came up with the idea that I could wear active wear and my husband his favorite football team’s shirt since we both liked sport.

The photo shooting process was equally pleasant. He was not the type of photographer who was too cool and too great an expert to talk to you. He would show you the photos every now and then and explain the lighting and angle used. Even though He was in a one-man band on that day, he played a blinder! When we were shooting for the highlight photo I mentioned above, he was running around to pinch the swathes up so as to get the fluttering, as well as checking the lighting and angle; and running back to pressed the shutter. He could at the same time manage to do all the talking to lighten us up.

In a nutshell, Daniel was friendly as a person and professional as a photographer. He and his team were efficient and well-organized. The pictures were satisfying and exactly what I expected. They were a tailor-made for us. Thank you Daniel once again!

Testimony #65

Kitty and Ken (Pregnancy + Newborn)Review Kitty and Ken

I guess we are the same with every other customer of Daniel, we contacted him almost immediately after looking at his works online. I sent him some photos as to better illustrate what kind of style and feeling I want from the photography. Daniel would give suggestions accordingly and the communication had been informative, the suggestions made were appropriate, almost to the point of tailor-made.

Daniel’s studio was spacious with sufficient lighting, which makes it an ideal place for different kind of photo shooting. It was also very cozy as well I would say. A wide range of props were available, such as those toys for the kids as you can see in the photos, which are as a result more vivid and natural. I can tell Daniel is very professional by the equipment and cameras that he has, as most of them I cannot see in other studios. He was thus able to capture the happy moment in the best quality possible.

The shooting process lasted for about two hour. It was very relaxing. Everything went with the flow and we did not feel any pressure during the whole process at all. It happened that my baby would cry or grumble as every other kid would do, we would then pause and take a short break and start again when the kid was ready. Nobody was in a hurry to get things done. Daniel was supportive regarding both the photo-taking and care-giving of the child.

Testimony #66

Maggie and Daniel (Prague prewedding + Hong Kong Wedding Day)Review Maggie and Daniel Prague

My husband knew Daniel personally even before the photo taking, but it was in fact his style in the photography that urged us to confirm Daniel as our photographer for both pre-wedding and wedding day. As for the pre-wedding photography, my husband and I were actually open to any anything, whether to do it in Hong Kong or overseas was equally fine with us. We decided to go to Prague for the photo at the end of the day, as first of all, we have never been to there, and Daniel had already formed the pre-wedding tours to Prague in that year so he could take care of all the logistic arrangement that we could not be bothered with. It turned out that we could not be more right.

The pre-wedding photo shooting took place in June. On that day, Daniel and his team came to our hotel room for the preparation during the midnight. Daniel explained to us in great detail of his planned shooting itinerary before the start of the day and we decided to follow suit. We met up at around 2 a.m. and started to head to the sights at around 4 a.m. We did it so early as to avoid the crowd. It was a really brilliant idea as almost all of my friends were impressed by the fact that we could capture those highly touristy places without awkward pedestrians at the background.

It was still quite chilly even it was already June. Thanks god that Daniel knew Prague really well so everything went very smoothly. Every minute was fully utilized during the shooting. When we arrive at every sight, firstly, Daniel would set up the equipment and then ask us to pose in the designated point so quickly that we did not even have to shiver much. As I mentioned, Daniel knew Prague so well, even he could identify which church was allowed for photo shooting and when was the best time to queue up for shooting. In that morning, we were the first couple to queue up in front of the church and we did a perfect shooting inside the church, despite the strict restriction of the church!

Talking about our wedding day, the first thing came to my mind would be Daniel arrived my home earlier than the scheduled time. However, I was surprised that he started to get himself familiar with the surroundings once he arrived, by walking around to search for the best lighting and angle professionally. He was not the type of photographer who would only work within the scheduled time and nothing more. He started to take pictures when I was still doing makeup. It turned out that some subtle but memorable moments were well captured.

What impressed me as well was that Daniel tried his best to make the wedding day unique, by involving every moment with people of great importance to us. Typical wedding day photography was all about the couple but Daniel would capture my parents and my parents-in-laws as well. They told me that they never expected to be drawn the attention like a model on that day and they were absolutely delighted about that. The fun but professional pictures were the key elements of animation-on-the-same-day, which was a great highlight of our wedding ceremony at night. All of my friends and guests were very impressed as it reminded us how happy that day passed by.

Something of little embarrassment happened at night on our wedding day. We did not expect that the maximum size of group photo shooting in our limited space of stage in the venue. Guests were too happy to congratulate us and rushed to the stage together for taking photos with us. Luckily that Daniel and his professional team had things settled within minutes – although some groups reached the maximum size of the space, people were all captured in the group picture and even every one including the children paid the attention to the camera lens!

To conclude, Daniel was friendly and fun. On both precious days, he asked for my pardon as he was going to gaze at me for the whole day, in order to capture the best side and moment of me). It turned out that we loved all of the pictures without a doubt.

I would recommend Daniel to anyone looking for professional photographer to capture their memorable moments!

Testimony #67

Jossie and Well (Pregnancy)Review Jossie and Well Pregnancy

I learn of Daniel from the internet and get attracted by the style of Daniel’s photography. He is very unique in his photography technique. Normally, the tone of pregnancy photography are very soft and flowery. Instead, he uses less props and plays with the contrast of the background and the clothes of the target.

Apart from the style, Daniel is also very good at breaking the ice. Originally, my husband is a bit camera shy. Daniel is so friendly to talk to that my husband chills out after a while and poses very naturally. This is also a credit of Daniel’s easy-to-follow instruction. Even with the big tummy, I can still do it quite easily. What amazes me is that, I don’t look chunky at all even with my big tummy.

Throughout the process, I gain a lot of trust in him. This is why I am comfortable to take nude photo with Daniel. He is so professional that I don’t feel embarrassed at all during the whole process.

After all, I am very satisfied with Daniel’s work and service as a maternity photographer. I look forward seeing more of Daniel’s beautiful works.

Testimony #68

Noelle and Jackie (Prewedding)Review Noelle and Jackie

Daniel’s name first appears to me when I am so impressed by my friends’ wedding photography. It is amazing. That’s why I decide to take my pre-wedding photography with Daniel.

Born in Hong Kong, I am very attached to the place. Instead of shooting oversea, I prefer taking my pre-wedding photography here much more. When Daniel shows me the reference photography for the pre-wedding photography, I already have a lot of targets of places.

I would never imagine that at the end, Daniel really tries his very best to bring me to all the places I adore. He doesn’t just rush the shooting but is so professional that he stops only when we are both satisfied with the work.

On the day of shooting, the arrangement is so good that we actually encounter the foggy scene on the Peak! It is exactly what we dream of at the beginning of the shooting. We are so surprised for this little gift.

Daniel’s instruction is also very easy to follow. If we don’t get it, he will even demonstrate the pose for us. That ease my worry of embarrassing pose a lot and the works turn out to be natural and perfect.

The experience in the studio is also very enjoyable. We chat a lot and have a lot of fun during the shooting.

Apart from the beautiful photography we get, taking pre-wedding photography with Daniel has added a lot of memories to this special moment of our life. Daniel, thanks a lot.

Testimony #69

Tracey and Yin  (Pregnancy)

I have never expected a baby so soon but after all, he comes to my life. So I decide to capture this new chapter of my life.

Not favoring of much pops in photography, I choose Daniel, who uses more of technique and lighting in shooting, from the Internet. I have never get regretted by this decision.

Although I haven’t met Daniel before my shooting, Daniel is so experienced that he understands what I need just by talking to me on the phone and sharing my thought for my pregnancy photography.

On the day of shooting, Daniel provides us with a lot of useful suggestion for the shooting. They are not only comfortable to follow but look also very natural. To be more exact, Daniel talks to us and create a very nice atmosphere for us to relax ourselves. At the same time, he captures the perfect moment when we are being ourselves. We are very satisfied with the works.

Daniel is also a very professional photographer. He tries his best to fulfill all our need. He spends the whole day shooting for us so that all the works are nice and fit.

We really appreciate Daniel’s help and hope to see Daniel again for my pre-wedding photography and wedding photography.

Testimony #70

Alison and Jimmy (Pregnancy)

First we contacted Daniel for the family portrayal after his works popped up in my Facebook page. It was proved to be a very agreeable process so I decided to contact him again when I was having my second baby for the pregnancy photo.

I would say the most challenging part of family portrayal is the kids. They are not as tolerant as adults, that they tend to express right the way whether they like it or not. They would not fake a smile if they don’t feel like it. What impressed me the most is that, instead of commanding the kid to smile, to stand still or to walk; Daniel captured the genuineness and naturalness of the child with his expertise and professionalism. The shooting process was smooth and full of laughter. Daniel, being a father himself, was very caring and considerate to both the adults and the kid.

The pregnancy photo shooting was equally a great pleasure. As it was our second time working together, Daniel knew what we expected. Even though we had talked about the style we wanted beforehand like the first time, when Daniel would send me a variety of photography in different styles as reference, he would also give suggestions that came up to his mind during the shooting according to the actual situation. These suggestions proved to be surprisingly applicable. I could never imagine that crimson fit me well! I have always wanted the family portrayal to be bright and warm, it turns out that they looked equally fine with black backdrop.

It is also worth mentioning that all the photography would be stored in a user-friendly app, making them all very easily accessible. Being very “low-tech”, I am particularly impressed by this app. After installing the app in my Smartphone, I can share them or simply take a look at them whenever I feel like. It reminds me how my two baby girls look alike when my second girl was born, which I tend to forget otherwise.

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