Testimony 71-80

Testimony #71

Belinda (Yoga Shoot)Belinda Yoga Shoot

As a dedicated practitioner I had always wanted to create an album to record my passion for yoga. Luckily, I found Daniel to work with me to create a fun and experimental album!

I discovered Daniel’s work via Facebook and was amazed by his photography skills. I immediately contacted him and we discussed my idea for an album of yoga poses. He not only respected my thoughts, he also gave me so many constructive tips. For example, he recommended me to use a white background for better effect and contrast. He also carried out research on yoga something with which he was not familiar, to facilitate the shooting. The photo-shoot experience was both novel and experimental, to both of us. It was fun to explore various poses in front of the camera.

As a result of his excellent photography skills and knowledge of lighting the album turned out perfect!

Another major factor to note is his professionalism. In order to better demonstrate the natural body curve in yoga poses, I chose to be naked in some of the photos. That is why it was so important for me to have complete trust in the photographer. It was comfortable to work with Daniel, as he was so passionate and focussed on his work.

It will be great to work with Daniel again and so I have decided to create another yoga album with Daniel later this year. If you are looking for an unforgettable photo-shootexperience, you should definitely think of choosing Daniel!

Testimony #72

Candy and Horis (Pregnancy)Candy and Horis Pregnancy

Daniel thanks for being my pregnancy photographer! It was a pleasure experience in your studio.

It is one of the most joyful events in my life for having my second child. After seeing Daniel’s work when I was having my first baby, I have always wanted to look for Daniel to take photos for us. Daniel’s pieces are different from those of other photographers, which are quite pinky and girly. I would prefer something artistic and stylish while Daniel could totally reach my expectation.

Before the shooting, Daniel communicated well with me, regarding the costumes or the style that we wanted. We had no doubt for his talents and skills. Other than that, what impressed us the most was his professionalism. He is not just a perfect photographer, but also a good service-provider. I knew he was busy, but he always replied our messages fast whenever we had questions.

Throughout the shooting, I enjoyed a lot to strike various poses and see my child smile in front of the camera. Being a pregnant woman could get tired easily, but time flew when working with Daniel. He is experienced to catch the right moment when my child put his smile on. My child was energetic and cheerful in those photos that make me smile whenever I see the album!

I am looking forward to working with Daniel again! Hopefully I can meet him for family portraits in the coming future!

Testimony #73

Connie (Pregnancy)Review Connie Pregnancy

I started to look for pregnancy photo shooting packages shortly after I knew that I was pregnant. It was all just random online searching at the very beginning, and what I could find were basically something either very expensive or very typical. And then I bumped into Daniel’s website and his works were simply different from all the photos that I had previously seen. In that particular picture which impressed me the most, the mother-to-be with armpits length hair, smiling and standing in the middle as if prepared to catch all the attention, dressed in a crimson cocktail dress, behind her was the backdrop of simple black colour. This picture was absolutely stunning and it was just the perfect example of less is more. It urged me hesitate no more to contact Daniel.

The communication with Daniel had been super easy. He first suggested having the photo shooting scheduled at around the 7th month of my pregnancy so that it would be more obvious. Date was settled without much difficulty. I would say Daniel was a real balance between the quality, the budget and the schedule! I had contacted other photographers as well and they were either charged a sky-high price or always super busy that I could not even get in touch with them.

Basically I took care of all the costumes. But as for the backdrop, I was particularly crazy about tiffany blue during that time for some unknown reasons and I asked whether it was possible to have such a rare colour as the background. Daniel, to my surprise had that colour available in his studio and all’s well that ends well.

I would take photos, mostly portrays, from time to time. Once you get used to being the one behind the camera, it would be hard to give commands and the person being shot would not know how to exert oneself. At least this is my case. But Daniel was just gifted; he knew exactly how to give clear instruction, making the process super smooth and comfortable.

All the photos are proved to be satisfying and exactly what I expected. I am happy about the decision of reaching out to Daniel for the photo taking.

Testimony #74

Winnie (Pregnancy)Winnie Pregnancy

Looking at the works done by Daniel, it is not difficult to realize that his works are very “cool”. They are mostly in black color, very chic and sleek. But I am more into white color and something pure. Daniel did not insist on the consistency of his style and he was more than happy to use only the white backdrop during our shooting.

At the beginning we were all a bit stiff and embarrassed. My husband was so tight that even Daniel laughed at him saying that he posed like a robot. Daniel would teach us how to pose and break the ice by having meaningful conversations. We were then loosen up a bit and eventually able to pose in front of the camera naturally (or less stiff). By the time it was over; then I realized it had all passed too fast.

Something unexpected happened during the shooting and Daniel’s reaction proved he was a really considerate person.

I only had something of very little before the shooting and this was what I have been doing because of my pregnancy. My blood sugar fluctuated so I could only eat frequently but with small portion each time. It had been quite a real pain in the neck but there was no other way to deal with it.

By the time I realized that I needed food I was already shaking really hard. Obviously we had to pause. My husband said he would go out to grab whatever available for me. Daniel rejected it at once, saying that we were not familiar with the vicinity and he would do this on our behalf. He literally rushed out and came back with some candies with him. We rested for some moments before going on. Daniel was a nice person instead of just “a professional photographer”.

Testimony #75

Cally and Jacky (Wedding Day)Cally and Jacky Wedding Day

When I plan for my wedding, Daniel’s name immediately comes to my mind. He is once the wedding photographer of my friend’s wedding and I am really impressed by his style and technique.

Before my big day, Daniel and I have met to talk about the whole process. He gives wonderful advice on the arrangement of the day and my wedding gown. Normally, all Noel Chu’s dresses can only be bought. However, as I join the programme which Daniel collaborate with Noel Chu, I can lend these magnificent dresses from her. The dress is prefect and the cutting fits me a lot.

During my big day, Daniel is very professional. He does not only capture a lot of beautiful moment, he also creates a very enjoyable time for all of us. He helps with the atmosphere a lot.

Even though I don’t make it to a lot of shooting places on that day, I really love the photos taken on that day. While my husband and I are busy on that day, Daniel actually takes care of our parents, helping us to take a lot of amazing photo with them. That surprises and touches us a lot when we finally realize that at night.

Thank you Daniel again for the magnificent work you do.

Testimony #76

Debbie and Jason (Wedding Day)Review Debbie and Jason Wedding Day

I got to know Daniel because of the recommendation from a friend of mine. After looking at his portfolio, I have got the impression that his works have something of special which make him outstanding among all the photographers out there. Since I am such a layman in photography, I just don’t know how to describe it properly. I know that I am not a big fan of something “soft”, which is unfortunately the prime element in most of the wedding photography I have seen. The distinguished way of how Daniel utilizes all the simple but subtle techniques that are highly overlooked by other photographers to capture the moment is what I fond of. I really like the strong contrasting color and tone that can be found in his works. He is also a definite natural in doing portray. Whenever he holds his camera up and decides to press the shutter, the object is then framed in the picture with the best angle and the beauty of it is undoubtedly guaranteed.

Daniel is a very professional and unassuming photographer. When we exchanged ideas on the arrangement of the wedding day and how the pictures should be taken, he was more into the way of sharing instead of instructing. He shared with me his own thoughts about photography, such as what, of his opinion, is of utmost importance in capturing moment. He was a really nice person to talk to and he was always knowledgeable and informative.

I still remember that it was such a rush on my wedding day. We had organized two banquets so we had to make everything really quick in order to catch up with the packed schedule. My husband and I were both a bit nervous and confused as everything was in a hectic. I was pleased that Daniel, being an experienced photographer who has done so many wedding day photo shootings, could manage the schedule in his sleep. I was happy that Daniel was there to guide us what to do and we did not have to worry about the photo part since he had it all well managed. He was able to squeeze himself into every possible moment to take pictures of either us or the guests. (All these photos turned out to be (un)surprisingly amazing and natural considered they were taken in a very short time.)

I know it has been Daniel’s style to take pictures not only of the couple but also their parents and parents-in-law. He had done this as well on my wedding day and this proved to be an idea very welcomed. The same day edited animation clip was another feature. All my guests liked the humorous video clip a lot. People would laugh really hard whenever they saw themselves in the clip.

Everything would have been perfect if the waiting time could have been shortened a bit. Though I know great thing takes time, isn’t it? I would, after all, say it was a great pleasure working with Daniel.

Testimony #77

Kylie and Leo (Pregnancy)Review Kylie and Leo Pregnancy

Daniel thank you so much for your hard work! I enjoy a lot spending time with you!

I was stunned after seeing the wedding photos of Grace Wong (王君馨) from Facebook. Therefore, I was hoping to look for him for my pregnancy shot. At first I thought it would be expensive for hiring a famous photographer like Daniel. Out of my expectation, the package offered by Daniel was very reasonable!

Another surprise is that he is extremely friendly! I was expecting him to have some tempers like those long-faced artists. However, he respected my ideas a lot and spent so much time on asking my preference. He is indeed a thoughtful person, which makes him a good husband as well haha! Then he set the backdrop according to my will in the studio. He guided me through during the shooting, such as giving me constructive and vivid instructions. He is so sensitive to angles and light so that he knows which angle of my face looks the best in the photos.

More than that, usually I would consider photo shooting was exhausting, but the time spent with Daniel was enjoyable as I felt like I was a model who could pose confidently. And he did not even border to look at the time even we had overrun a bit! Daniel is sincerely a professional and skillful photographer. I would definitely look for him again!

Testimony #78

Wing and Eric (Pregnancy)Review Wing and Eric Pregnancy

I don’t like the ordinary kind of maternity photography which look just plainly warm and sweet. I prefer those which look more modern and stylish. Therefore, I choose Daniel from the internet.

Before the Shooting, Daniel is already very dedicated to the shooting. He communicates a lot with me about the details of shooting so that he has enough preparation and makes sure what I need on the day of the shooting.

On the day of shooting, everything goes very smoothly. My husband and I have a lot of fun. Daniel is very professional. He is very willing to try different lighting effects with us and stop only when we are satisfied with the result. He is also very specific with the suggestion for pose. I can follow easily.

The work turns out to be prefect. They are full of fun and happiness. I would also like to praise Daniel for his excellent shooting skill. I look slim and fit even with the baby in my tummy.

Daniel, thanks a lot for your wonderful work. I am looking forward to taking photo with you when my baby grows up.

Testimony #79

Wendy and Richard (Pregnancy)

Review Wendy and Richard PregnancyThanks Daniel Tam Ka Nam for being my pregnancy photographer. It was a fun and memorable experience. Looking at the pictures, we know we have made a right choice. The services provided by you and your team from pre-photo shooting to post-photo shooting are excellent. I would highly recommend you to my friends. Can’t wait to work with you again for Morris’ baby photo shooting!

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