Testimony 81-83

Testimony #81

Celeste Luk (Family Shoot)

I have taken two sets of family photos with Daniel. I had wanted to take our photos at Daniel’s studio the first time but my daughter was too small at the time and so we took the family photographs at home where she was familiar and comfortable. The photos were very nice and warm, so we went back to Daniel for our second set of family photos a year later at his studio when our daughter was a little older.

Before our session at Daniel’s studio, our daughter was very nervous due to the unfamiliar environment. However, thanks to Daniel and his assistant’s help, she relaxed soon after the session began. Daniel was very easy-going about the whole shoot, even though my daughter ran around non-stop and didn’t do anything Daniel had in mind for her to do. He never got anxious that he might not get a good shot nor did he get impatient with my over-excited child. Instead, Daniel simply followed my daughter around the entire time to take his perfect shot.

I especially appreciated Daniel’s flexible approach during our studio session. When he noticed my daughter’s interest in one of the props instead of the original backdrop, he just gave up on what he had planned and let my daughter try out what she liked. The photos turned out to be very lively with our family playing around in the studio instead of posing stiffly in front of a backdrop.

At the end of the session, my daughter was so happy she didn’t even want to leave the studio. Daniel and his assistant were really good with my daughter and it was evident that they both understood how to work with children.

Thank you, Daniel for not only the photos but also the wonderful time we spent at your studio!

Testimony #82

Monica and Kai (Family Shoot)Monica and Kai Family Review

Daniel thanks for being my family photographer! We had an excellent time with you. I smile everytime when I see the adorable album!

I came across with Daniel’s website and was then attracted by his pieces. Daniel has a very creative style. He doesn’t take just the typical family pictures but he is very much trying to capture a natural and relaxed environment.

Throughout the moments we were having fun. Daniel is very cool. Being a photographer of kids can be very upsetting because they will never follow instructions, but he was very much understanding the situation and adapting to it. Indeed, he was always trying to draw the attention from the kids with toys or games, but what is most important is that he knows how to capture the real moments. His pictures always show what happened, they are full of meanings. Our kids felt comfortable in front of Daniel and showed their lovely smiles in the photos.

The whole day with Daniel went smoothly. He gave us tips in facing the camera and striking poses. We enjoy every moment with him. We love the pictures Daniel takes, that much that we always come back to him. I cannot wait for another chance to work with Daniel!

Testimony #83

Ljuba  (Family Shoot)

I was planning to do family portray while I was conceiving my second baby. I have been searching for the ideal photographer, at the same time asking for recommendation from my friends. When I saw Daniel’s works on social media and his website and also compared to other photographers, I found that Daniel was able to provide great pictures for maternity and newborn.

This was my first time doing family photography and I was glad that Daniel, who was obviously experienced, was here to help and I was happy to work with him.

As a photographer, Daniel was not that kind of “master” who would only instruct without giving explanation, he was in fact quite the opposite, the communication between us was great proof. He would try to understand what did we expect in the photography. He had sent me some of his previous work for illustration, as well as to make sure that we were on the same page. He was patient enough to really spend time in communicating. After having consensus of what we wanted, he would then give suggestion of how should we do it. I could see that he tried to align with what we wanted and worked together towards that direction. During the shooting, he would suggest how should we stand in order to get the best angle. It was overall comfortable shooting event.

In summary it was a professional, and at the same great experience to work with Daniel, he could definitely help you to capture moment in a style you prefer.