Testimony 1-10

Testimony #1

Rachel and Patrick (Hong Kong Prewedding)Rachel and Patrick review 01

Both Patrick, my husband, and I really love Daniel’s photography style when we first saw his works on the web. The tone and compositional effects in Daniel’s works make him stands out from other photographers that we had searched for.

In preparation of our pre-wedding shoot, we met with Daniel and discussed all the details with him. Daniel was very thoughtful and he gave a lot of valuable advices to us, such as wedding gown’s style and locations for shooting, which we had no idea at all. He just planned everything for us beforehand!

Since I had to attend an important (and sudden) family function in the evening of the shooting day, Daniel and his team were very kind and considerate as we started shooting much earlier than usual. I thank Daniel for placing us at the top of his priority. We went to several locations for shooting on that day. The first part of our shoots tended to focus more on interactions, but since we were not skilled at holding different postures, Daniel gave us lots of professional guidance and even demonstrated different postures for us! Despite there is a significant height difference between Patrick and myself, Daniel, as expected, was very skilful and professional – he would adjust the camera positions and arrange our standing positions, such that our expressions and movements could be captured from the best angles.

When the pre-wedding photos were out, Patrick and I really like them. They were superb. My husband really likes the way how Daniel presents the photos – which strikes a balance between richness and simplicity. Besides, Daniel has been a very nice and responsive photographer throughout. I’m sure we would not be able to have such an amazing photo shoot experience without him and his great team.

Thank you Daniel and your team for giving us such a wonderful memory! We are truly grateful and we appreciate everything you did for us! We would certainly recommend Daniel to our family and friends. We also look forward to our next shooting session with Daniel for post-wedding/pregnant/family portraits – which all look amazing at Daniel’s facebook/website!


Rachel and Patrick review 03 Rachel and Patrick review 04 Rachel and Patrick review 02

Testimony #2

Ka Man and Alex (Hong Kong Prewedding)

ka man and alex daniel tam review 01

I had a very unforgettable shooting experience for the prewedding photos with Daniel. Thank you Daniel for all your effort and passion!

I saw Daniel’s photos when I was choosing the photographer for my prewedding. His shooting style and the composition of using the beauty of nature in his photos has anchored a great chemistry with me. My husband and I have contacted but at that time he was on an overseas shooting trip, then during the wedding expo we picked up another shooting company which provided a lot of tempting offers on price and free gifts. Nonetheless, Daniel contacted us very soon after he was back to Hong Kong and we were glad to finally engage him as our photographer despite having to write off the deposit paid at the expo!

Daniel is a very casual and easy-going person, and at the same time, being very professional. Throughout the shooting day, he has demonstrated to us on how to pose and be sensitive to the camera, showing our best angles or arranging make-up artist for me. Along the schedule when the weather changed, he also kept on proposing new idea of locations that may suit best. I do appreciate a lot about his devotion to photography, which gives him the ability to visualize a unique effect and angle to a scene. All pictures are simply naturally and harmoniously beautiful. At one point when we walked back to the car after shooting next to the beach in Shek O, he suddenly turned around and shoot for us under the trees which were embracing us. I was having fun with my husband and laughed so happily. That has surprisingly become one of my favorite photos to display on the wedding day as being the most natural and joyful one. Being able to capture these unexpected moments is something I like from Daniel!

Daniel chatted delightfully with us throughout the day and we ended up spending overtime to shoot, he did not mind and shoot enthusiastically for us until very late! We made friends with each other and started to talk about everything and had a nice trip. I am blessed to have all those photos from Daniel which he put lots of effort in fine-tuning them. The quality of canvas was also very good so I put it at the entrance of my banquet. I would definitely look for Daniel again to capture other precious memory in my life.

ka man and alex daniel tam review 02 ka man and alex daniel tam review 04 ka man and alex daniel tam review 5.1 ka man and alex daniel tam review 06

Testimony #3

Avis and Eric (Wedding Day)

avis and eric daniel tam review 01

Daniel was a photographer for one of our friends’ wedding day about two years ago. When we first saw the photos he took, we were amazed by his incredibly professional photography style - natural, concrete and exquisite. Without hesitation, we knew he was the one who we were looking for.

On our wedding day, things were a little bit rushed and muddled. We were grateful to have Daniel who was really detail-minded and resilient. He understood what we need and got everything well-prepared beforehand. He also gave us reminders of what to do next to make sure the flow went smoothly, which was really considerate and of great help. We were able to enjoy our wedding without worries and he took care of the rest. Throughout the whole process, he guided us patiently so as to record our sweetest smiles from the best angle.

What impressed us the most was how Daniel could seize the subtle aura and capture the exact moment by his second to none photography techniques. From the general scenes to the delicate details, all these precious memories are converted into images through his camera lens. When he showed me the photos of my parents that he took in the morning, I burst into tears right away since I have never ever seen them grinning so blissfully. Our families and friends, including us of course, are totally in love with every single photo in the album. My mother even picked one of them as wallpaper for her mobile phone!

We would like to thank Daniel for giving us such an unforgettable experience. He is indeed a friendly, reliable and professional photographer. His expertise and altruism are the reasons why we have so much faith in him. We did recommend him to our friends and if there are any special occasions in the future, we will definitely look for Daniel again!

Avis and Eric

avis and eric daniel tam review 02

daniel tam review by avis and eric

avis and eric daniel tam review 03 avis and eric daniel tam review 04 avis and eric daniel tam review 05 avis and eric daniel tam review 06 avis and eric daniel tam review 07 avis and eric daniel tam review 08 avis and eric daniel tam review 09


Testimony #4

Gigi and Joe (Studio Prewedding  + Wedding Day)

daniel tam review by gigi and joe 01 daniel tam review by gigi and joe 02

Daniel was our Hong Kong pre-wedding and wedding day photographer. We really appreciate Daniel and his team’s professionalism and photo-shooting styles for making our wedding such a memorable one.

It was probably our first professional shoot at the studio so we were quite tensed and stoned-looking but Daniel made us feel relaxed (with hard laughing jokes) and gave us different ideas on how to pose for the perfect picture. He focused on the use of light and monotonic colour to create the classic feeling we have requested. It was definitely not easy putting the most natural smile in front of the camera but it all just went very smoothly – not as we expected!

On our wedding day, Daniel directed us in different angles and posing styles creating a very natural look on our photos. The family and ourselves had a lot of fun testing out here and there and I wished we had extra time as I couldn’t stop asking for more!

The photograph we loved the most is the one taken at the Ritz Carlton ballroom. By using the right amount of purple light and background, Daniel has merged the two of us into the gorgeous scene!

What truly surprised me was the unexpected photo slideshow of our family that showcased at the very end of our wedding. It was funny with a lot of noise from the crowd. Very touching which ended the day perfectly – million thanks!

I would highly recommend you to contact Daniel for capturing your special moments in your life. Keep up with the good work!!

daniel tam review by gigi and joe 03 daniel tam review by gigi and joe 04 daniel tam review by gigi and joe 05 daniel tam review by gigi and joe 06



Testimony #5

Helen and Kevin (Hong Kong + Japan Prewedding)

Helen and Kevin prewedding review 01

真實的是怎樣的我不記得太清楚了,大概上年五月得知自己患了末期癌症後在病牀上想起要拍婚照,DANIEL TAM這個名字在腦海內閃過一下,接著便開始聯絡他。



因為不能離開室內,我們再去了luxe manor,也是由Daniel建議的一個地方。那所酒店完美地配合到我的裙子。他細心地照顧到我的需要,為我們挑好各個地點。不同於平常的婚紗照。我們的更像一幅集體照,我們的親朋戚友也來到現場,支持我們,為我們打氣。



最令我深刻的莫過於在渡月橋時,有位大媽一直跟隨我們,甚至跟著他一同拍照。當他 趴在地上準備拍照時,那名大媽就半蹲在後面,跟著一起拍照。從我的角度看過去,簡直是正好坐在他頭上,令我忍不住在鏡頭前盡失儀態地大笑。






Helen and Kevin

Helen and Kevin prewedding review 03Helen and Kevin prewedding review 02Helen and Kevin prewedding review 04 Helen and Kevin prewedding review 05 Helen and Kevin prewedding review 06



Testimony #6

Tiffany and Kenneth (Hong Kong Prewedding)

tiffany and kenneth review daniel tam photography

We booked Daniel over a year ago before our pre-wedding shoot in HK – that was the amount of trust and confidence we had in him and his team. We really liked his style of photography which was exactly what we wanted – amazing and timeless. The entire planning process was smooth and we had a lot of freedom in deciding what we wanted, we named the places we wanted to take our photos and he took care of the rest.

The thing that really sets Daniel apart is his eye for detail and talent to capture the exact moment we wanted. I remember on the day of our shoot it was so misty at one of the locations and there was just one fleeting moment when the sun shone out of the layers of clouds and he caught it just right, and that moment is now immortalized in print. The shoot was really enjoyable, Daniel was approachable and we had no trouble in asking questions on what to do, etc. He was also careful with details and gave good instructions on how to pose naturally (what do we usually do with our arms?). The team was also patient and did not give up until Daniel got what we wanted and made the most of each location.

Of course after the shoot we were excited to see the results, and after a short few weeks we got the first look and already we were so happy with the set. Picking photos to be placed in the album proved to be the hardest part of the entire experience because everything was so awesome! Receiving the final set which was packaged professionally was no hassle at all, Daniel was very accommodating and delivered everything with ease of time.

Thanks so much Daniel and your team for the lovely experience! It has been months since our shoot and we still love each of the photos in our album. I have no doubt that they can stand the test of time and in years to come we will find them just as beautiful as when we first saw them.
tiffany and kenneth hong kong prewedding review 02 tiffany and kenneth hong kong prewedding review 03 tiffany and kenneth hong kong prewedding review 04

tiffany and kenneth hong kong prewedding review 01

tiffany and kenneth review wppi award photos

Testimony #7

Yannie (Studio + Outdoor Pregnancy)

Yannie pregnancy photo review

I would like to say a big thank you to the most professional photographer who helped to captured one of the most important moment of my life – Mr. Daniel Tam.

Daniel took both of the indoor and outdoor pregnancy photo shoots for me. I was already in my late pregnancy during the photo shoots. Although it was not easy for me to move around or even to post with my oversized belly, Daniel took such great care of me and made the whole process so relaxed, comfortable, enjoyable andmemorable.

Indoor shooting: I was so nervous and kept asking Dan what I should do prior to the shooting and all his answer was asking me to relax and leave everything else to him. He helped to arrange a great makeup artist, and while I was having my make up done, he and his assistant arrived with 4 big suitcases full of specially designed dresses, accessories etc. that they have carefully prepared in advance. They check the room temperature constantly and made sure I won’t catch a cold. Daniel held on to my arm while I have to walk in the long dresses or change to another position. They even reminded me to rest from time to time. To be honest, I felt like I was the QUEEN during the whole shooting session!

Outdoor shooting: I enjoyed the outdoor shooting even more as I got the chance to play around with my daughter. Daniel and his great assistant played and chat along with us and naturally captured the precious moment of us spending valuable time together. This serious of pictures are absolutely priceless.

Daniel Tam and your wonderful team, THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!

Yannie and Mia Pregnancy Shoot 02Yannie and Mia Pregnancy Shoot 03Yannie_Preg-093a

Testimony #8

Cedar and Dennis (2 Hong Kong Prewedding + Wedding Day)

Cedar and Denis Review Collage

Daniel Tam Ka Nam It’s blessed to have you in our most important moment!! Without you, our wedding won’t be that prefect!!! Really really thanks for all your help and enthusiasms which make our wishes happened in that short period of time!!! So appreciate the great efforts of the whole crew & R too.

Daniel, you are not only taking wonderful pre-wedding photos for us, but also giving us a memorable adventure — even catching our favourite sun shines and clouds for us in a foggy day!! Both your photos and you are so amazing!! Love your photos much which makes our wedding wonderful and touching; Love you so much who are such talented with passion!!

C Long Chung Long, with you and Blythe, I’m sure that’s my most beautiful day!! Amazing!! You are so incredible!!! Love your makeup and hairdo so so so so much!!!!

Big thanks to Noel for the prefect gowns!!! All of them are awesome!!! Every gowns from you is so attractive!! Love your design and your team!! We are so fortunate to meet you!! Thanks much for all your arrangement!!?

You all are such a great team and perfect match for a wonderful wedding!! We’ll miss the happy and amazing moments with you all!!! ??

daniel tam wedding day cedar n dennis 201 daniel tam wedding day cedar n dennis 200 daniel tam prewedding cedar n dennis round 2 199 daniel tam prewedding cedar n dennis round 2 198 daniel tam prewedding cedar n dennis round 2 197 daniel tam prewedding cedar n dennis round 2 196 daniel tam prewedding cedar n dennis round 2 195 daniel tam prewedding cedar n dennis round 1 194 daniel tam prewedding cedar n dennis round 1 193 daniel tam prewedding cedar n dennis round 1 192daniel tam prewedding cedar n dennis round 1 191 daniel tam prewedding cedar n dennis round 1 190



Testimony #9

Suanne and Kai (Hong Kong Prewedding)

daniel tam review suanne and kai 186

I’m truly sorry for taking such a long time to write a review for the fantastic team, Daniel, Rex & C Long!

I first saw Daniel’s work in FB by coincidence (my friend “likes” his photos) and ever since then, his stunning works keep attracting my attention.

Daniel is the first photographer that I noticed, admired & “followed” in FB! Believe me or not, his photos had driven me & my boyfriend (now husband) to take pre-wedding. We didn’t actually, at that time, plan to get marry yet!

I was extremely nervous before I met Daniel & his team. Just like a little fans going to meet her super idol! Daniel eased my nervousness once I stepped into the studio! He is truly a nice & funny guy who can easily get alone with! Shooting started with some studio shots. With just a black backdrop, Daniel captured our most natural & happy smiles!

The 1st shooting location was Fat Angelo’s Italian Restaurant, the place I met my husband. The special decoration of the restaurant became more prominent under Daniel’s camera. We loved the pic so much!

The 2nd location was the Peak. Weather was very bad that day with extremely heave fogs. I was very worry about it but again, Daniel comforted me and said heavy fogs can indeed have good effect & more special than nice weather. With 100% trust on Daniel, I’m very confidence that he can still make amazing photos no matter how bad the weather is. During the shooting, Daniel showed his professionalism by explaining how he’s going to take that photo, in which direction & angle, with which kind of effect & how’s the layout will be. He spent time to check every shooting spot, tested the light & took trials before asking us to “action”! We appreciated so much Daniel’s, Rex’s & Long’s effort! We’ve got so many nice photos at the Peak and it’s a very difficult task for me to do the selection!

The last location was Central. It might be a very common place for pre-wedding in HK but, Daniel shown high enthusiastic in making it different. With his talent & camera eyes, the night shooting turned out in a very stylish & unique way!

Our pre-wedding shooting was absolutely an unforgettable one! We enjoyed it so much! We heard a lot of praise from our family & friends. We highly recommend Daniel & his team to all my friend!

Daniel, Rex & Long, keep up your good works! Support as always!!!
daniel tam review suanne and kai 179daniel tam review suanne and kai 185
daniel tam review suanne and kai 183 daniel tam review suanne and kai 182 daniel tam review suanne and kai 180

Testimony #10

Kelly and Toby (4 days overseas prewedding  [venice + prague] + Wedding Day)


kelly and toby review and testimony

It was through a colleague’s recommendation that led us to having Daniel as our pre-wedding photographer. During our discussions, we have already felt his enthusiasm. We found him considerate, allowing us to meet after work, even coming over to the clubhouse at our place to discuss the details of the pre-wedding shoot. His constant reminders allowed us to be adequately prepared for the photoshoot. For example, for the bride-to-be, he gave us suggestions on the number of dresses to bring and most importantly, a reminder to bring an extra pair of shoes with flat soles.

When we were in Prague, we began our photoshoot at 6am, but Daniel and his team were all prepared at 3am for our make-up and hair. That day was a day with heavy rain, but it did not dampen their spirits nor brought any complaints as they continued with our photoshoot; it was us who felt a bit too much and requested for rests, then no time was wasted as we received lessons on how to pose.

Later, we went to Venice and Toby’s luggage was lost. Luckily, Daniel and his assistant took Toby to the nearby shopping mall to buy new clothes, else we could not have continued. Because there were so many places we wanted to have photos taken, we made an ad hoc decision to extend our 3-day shoot into 4-days. Before we return to Hong Kong, we returned to the Cathedral for another series of photos.

Daniel has created a variety of styles in our photos. A relaxed atmosphere oozing from the lanes and alleys of Prague to utmost elegance in the Venetian Churches. These photos brought much surprises to us, as if we took several pre-wedding photos.

What surprised us most was the photo album that Daniel has prepared. At first, we assumed it would be just another ordinary album but upon receiving it, we were amazed at how splendid it looked and it brought much praises from other people looking at it.

Daniel is really friendly and has flair to help us relax and enjoy the whole photo-shooting process. As I look back now, I found the whole experience fun, interesting and left many great memories.

We were also satisfied with the time management on the wedding day. At 5am, Daniel is already at our place to start work, and promptly arrived at the groom’s home by 7:30am. He also scheduled time for us to have a rest, giving us a chance to recharge and look our best, so as to continue with the shooting in the evening. Daniel was also much loved by my family. Everyone felt he was good at leading us and bringing out our most natural sides for the photos.

Within the same night, Daniel managed to provide us with a photo slideshow, along with a personalized photo app to view the photos of the day. So many of our friends whom could not be present on that day did not really miss out as they could instantly review our big day. Daniel did not only deliver his products of great quality, but his service was also top-notched to great satisfaction. Daniel, many thanks!

prague venice prewedding kelly and toby by daniel tam 165 prague venice prewedding kelly and toby by daniel tam 164 prague venice prewedding kelly and toby by daniel tam 163 prague venice prewedding kelly and toby by daniel tam 162 prague venice prewedding kelly and toby by daniel tam 161

prague venice prewedding kelly and toby by daniel tam 166


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