About Daniel Tam — Hong Kong’s Leading Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photography from Daniel – Making Your Fairy Tale Comes True

Daniel Tam, a renowned wedding photographer based in Hong Kong, definitely can record the best moments of your life, no matter for the pre-wedding or the wedding day photography. To bring out the best of you, his skills and experiences will be the most magical tools.  Also, being awarded as one of the TOP 20 PHOTOGRAPHERS ON THE WEB in 2016, his professionalism is not only a guarantee of quality, but also a symbol of beauty.

Therefore, it is not surprised that many celebrities looked for Daniel for their pre-wedding and Big Day photos. Recently, Grace Wong (王君馨) and his husband Daniel chose Daniel Tam Art Gallery among other photography companies for their pre-wedding shooting. The products were so stunning that they went viral on the social media. The couple was hoping to reflect a surreal and fantastic style in their photos, which Daniel could fulfill what they wanted and created an album perfectly mixed with strength and tenderness.

More than that, Daniel shot for an alluring and dramatic prewedding album for the famous actor and actress, Timmy Hung (洪天明) and Janet Chow(周家蔚). They even had Daniel as the photographer of their wedding day! Miss Hong Kong Champion in 2007 Kayi Cheung (張嘉兒) and her husband Nathan, as well as the actor Patrick Tang (鄧健泓) and his wife Sukie Shek (石詠莉), were also attracted by the pieces from Daniel and found him as their photographer for the prewedding shots. The photos of those public figures usually would receive high coverage in the media, but Daniel never failed to amaze the audience with a novel and unique style and lead the trend in Hong Kong wedding photography industry.

If you were looking for someone who could shoot your wedding with unique style and not just to be another brick in the wall, Daniel would be your best choice. Apart from shooting in the studio, Daniel also accepts outdoor photography, no matter in Hong Kong or overseas. He is experienced in taking photos in different romantic cities all over the world, such as Prague, Paris, Florence and Venice. Wherever you want to go for you best album, Daniel will definitely carry you along the journey, as well as give you an album that is the most exotic and extravagant. He knows exactly how to shoot for the best angles and merge the couples in those breathtaking views and landmarks.

Lately Daniel even tried to shoot in the deep blue sea. For this kind of undersea wedding photography, Daniel needed to prepare all the equipment well so as to capture the best moments with different challenges, such as water pressure, current and refraction of light. Under extreme condition, Daniel could still show his persistent and talent to shoot for an astonishing album. If what you want is something pioneering, Daniel will undoubtedly take the challenge with you and amaze you with his excellent photography skills.

Although Daniel is an artist with his own aesthetics, he is never a distant person. In fact, he is a very humorous and easy-going person who can communicate very well with clients. Many clients even became Daniel’s friends after the shoots. From their testimonies on Facebook, you can see different comments and appreciation towards Daniel. All of them were so satisfied with his tailor made service and had some excellent and delightful experiences with him. He was described as a thoughtful and detailed-minded person. Apart making your album a stylish one, you will be more than happy to work with Daniel and make a new friend.

All in a nutshell, if you were looking for some ideas or already had some perfect ideas for your wedding photography, please do not hesitate to find Daniel! He will not disappoint you and will definitely make your dream and imagination come true.

Pregnancy, Maternity and Family Photography – Precious Moments That Never Fade
Giving birth to a child is the most magical moment that a woman could ever encounter. This is an old saying that ‘women look the most beautifully during her pregnancy’. With no doubt, it is the love of mother making them glows and shines. Expectant mamas would certainly treasure those unique and rare experiences in lives. Daniel is an expert to stop the time and make the most beautiful moments last forever.

Daniel created changes and variations for the mamas. The clients may want their pregnancy photography to be shot in different styles while Daniel can fulfill all of their requests. Some mamas might want elegant style while some might want active and energetic style. Daniel would make good use of costumes, make-up and background to develop the effects. At the same time, Daniel would use the most appropriate angles and the touch of light, showing the best woman curve during pregnancy in the photos.

Janet Chow (周家蔚) also looked for Daniel for her pregnancy portraits. The dramatic style of the photos does not only show the strength and power as a mother, but also shows the femininity and tenderness of her body curve.

There are some more stunning photos with Daniel’s excellent techniques. Some beautiful mamas would like to show the peacefulness in the photos. Daniel would then capture the soft light penetrating the translucent silk and shed on their bodies, creating the most harmonious picture. No matter what style the mamas want, including nude or ballet style, Daniel can always visualize what they want and shows the features in his pieces.

At the same time, a new member to the family brings excitement to the parents. There is never enough time to watch over their children growing up. Time flies. Parents just want to record every subtle change of their beloved babies. Daniel, as a father, knows the best about this feeling. Therefore, he always enjoys newborn photography. With the light shedding on the sleeping infants’ rosy little cheeks, Daniel would capture the most peaceful moments.

What is more interesting is taking photos for the energetic children. Daniel can always catch the moments when the children putting on their biggest smiles. It is a challenging task as the most natural and adorable pictures are never by asking the children to pose. With sufficient experience, Daniel can handle the shooting well with loads of care and patience.

Talking about the children, it is a must to have family photography. There is another saying that ‘blood is thicker than water’. The family bond starts to develop even when your little babies are so small. You must want to capture every little details, while having family photography is the best choice. With extreme patience, Daniel can always draw attention from the new little members to the camera, giving a most warm-hearted photo to the parents. Their smiles are just like the sunlight in the afternoon, making the audience so warm and delightful.

Developing a family is an amazing phrase in life. You will never want to miss any of these moments! That is why Daniel is here to do the best for you. Capturing the precious moments, you and your children will have the best remembrance in life!

Product Photography – Corporate Co-operation

Advertising is one of the most important strategies to market a brand. Nowadays companies rely heavily on ecommerce, as almost everyone is active on Internet. Therefore, the key to success of marketing is by Internet whereas imagery and visual effects are some of the crucial and magical tools.

Daniel collaborated with various companies for having product photography and all projects were beautiful done. Not only did the imagery attract the potential customers, but also win over the hearts of the general public. Daniel always welcomes new chance and challenge for different products and will dedicate all skills and knowledge he has to give the most eye-catching product photography.

You must not be strange to the glamorous piece by Daniel for an event of DBS Bank, DBS My Spark – Sparking Joy @ Wine & Food Carnival (Tamar) in 2015. The light painting photo is so impressive that attracted people’s views and even went viral on different social platforms. Even though Daniel did not often use light painting in his work, he managed this challenging project with care and experience, which made the photo so shimmering and glimmering.

The golden sparks in the photo spread on the ground, becoming a dazzling and gleaming umbrella skirt worn on the model. The light glows beautifully that contrasts harmoniously with the most renowned night view in Hong Kong, the Victoria’s Harbor, signifying the dynamic vibe of the city. Audience could hardly take their eyes off the photos whenever they saw it. The piece was a great success.

Apart from using photos to attract eyes of the audience, Daniel also worked with Galaxy Macau to film a microfilm ‘Reserve Your Happiness’ for the Campaign Marry Me. As a wedding photographer, Daniel knew exactly how to show the intimacy and romance of the couple, as well as make good use of the grand and glamorous hotel background to set off the amorous atmosphere. This film can surely manifest Daniel’s skills to another level. Meanwhile, the film was a successful campaign that attracted customer to visit the hotel, as to to feel the air of happiness and sweetness.

Daniel has always been active in exploring new areas. He tried different commercial shooting, large scale production, film productions and advertising media production. He did a project for China Fordoo Holdings Limited of Fordoo for shooting a lookbook with Joe Ma  (馬德鍾). Apart from portrait photography, Daniel is also no stranger to interior shoot as he worked with MH Magazine before. To put it simple, the photography skills and experiences of Daniel can cater different needs of the clients.

It is that the perceived value of your products and the trustworthiness of the business are often judged by the quality of marketing strategy. And a big part of having a successful campaign in these days also means having high-quality, beautiful product photography. Showcasing the products with high-quality images can also be the winning difference between a conversion and no sale at all.

Daniel is an expert to focus on the most crucial selling point in his work. His work is with great diversity. At the same time, his is flexible and interested in taking different projects. With his sophisticated photography skills and power to create eye-catching imagery, his pieces for marketing will certainly take the products of a brand to another level.

Working with Celebrities – Reliability of Daniel Tam Art Gallery

From our everyday lives, we can easily see different public figures through various social media. They are role models for all of us, no matter by their appearances, styles, impression or activities. Therefore, their images are extremely important. Daniel had experience working with many famous celebrities for taking photos or videos. The products are the excellent tools for bridging the celebrities and the public. Daniel is talented to capture the best part of the people.

Daniel has been reliable in providing quality and professional services and products to clients. If you were looking for some tailor made service, Daniel Tam Art Gallery is your no second choice. You are flexible to choose whatever styles and images you want to portrait.Many actors and actresses looked for Daniel for their pre-wedding, wedding, maernity, newborn and family photography. Some would even find Daniel for sisterhood photography to record every precious moment. Eight of the Miss Hong Kong found Daniel for their Anniversary shoot. Miss Hong Kong Champion Kayi Cheung (張嘉儀) and her husband Nathan Lau, Timmy Hung (洪天明) and Janet Chow(周家蔚) and Grace Wong (王君馨) and her husband Daniel found Daniel as her pre-wedding photographer. All of their albums are so remarkable that attracted many views on different social platforms and triggered admiration in the city. Hence, not surprisingly, you can definitely spot Daniel’s work in different newspapers or magazines.

If what you want for your remembrance is as unique and beautiful as the celebrities have. Daniel is more than happy to provide you some all-in-one service packages.

Even for some formal occasions, Daniel can handle his work properly and appropriately. Hence, it is not surprised that many politicians would hire Daniel for their campaign photographer, which then received positive feedbacks and great strategic success. Joseph YAM Chi-kwong (任志剛) , the first Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, collaborated with Daniel before as well.

For some charity photography, Daniel certainly would dedicate himself to offer his helping hand, no matter how challenging the project is. Recently, he worked for  the campaign ‘Save the Children’ in 2016 and shot for its ambassador, Donnie Yen (甄子丹), in which his work was reported in different major local newspapers, such as Mingpao and Apple Daily.

It is because Daniel’s professionalism and credibility, which makes him so respectful and successful in the industry. He treats every job seriously and handles them with care and appropriateness. Rome was not built in one day. His gained his reputation after trial and error. His passion in photography is another crucial determinant to his great success.

Daniel’s Dedication in Photography Industry and Education

Apart from his photography jobs, Daniel has been dedicated to educate and influence others in the field and in the public with his photography skills and rich experiences. He is such an inspiring figure who was then invited for being tutor, speaker and interviewee for different local and international publications.

Being inspired by Mr. Alain Yip, a famous HK photographer of human portraits, he learnt different photography knowledge and information from him, which was why he decided to set his heart on this field. From being an amateur to an expert, he encountered different setbacks. Through learning and taking different challenges, his skills were boosted day by day. Even though he might encounter various ups and downs, he never lost his faith and passion in photography. Therefore, he was recognized and became an Associate of WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographer International).

Also, he was invited to be an Accredited Member for Australia Institute Of Professional Photography (AIPP) in 2011, in which he treasured that golden opportunity and learned from different the best artists in the field. Through communication and interaction with different photographers, his bank of knowledge has been enriched from time to time. That was why he was then assigned as the photographer for Lancôme, HKNGCA and some renowned celebrities such as Michelle Phan, Henry Tang and Rita Fan.

With his growing fame, different local and international media started to approach Daniel while he was more than happy to share his passion and philosophy in photography. He would never let a change slipped in his fingers to use photography to influence others. For instance, he was interviewed by Next Media Group. Daniel then shared his starting point in this field and his love for wedding photography in Hong Kong or overseas in the article.

Link: http://nextplus.nextmedia.com/columns/recommend/20150321/170676

Even international media were attracted by his excellent work. Exquisite Publishing invited him for a featured interview in Asia Dreams. Also, he was responsible for the cover photo for that volume. He was described as an inspiration figure in Asia. Undoubtedly, Daniel has been trying hard and his best to dedicate himself in the field. What’s more, he introduced his job nature and shared some tips in photography in the article.

Link: https://www.asiadreams.com/edisi/march-april-2014/asia-inspiration/daniel-tam.html

His knowledge and inspirational philosophy, as well as his patient, thoughtful and easy-going personality, gave him different chances to share his views in photography. He used to be a tutor at Canon Digital School. HK New Generation Cultural Association invited him for holding a workshop and a sharing session, which attracted many audience or photography lovers. La Prairie, a famous skin care company, invited him to be the guest speaker to share his opinions on beauty.

Even though Daniel has an extremely tight schedule flying all over the world for photo-shoot. He never minds to squeeze more time to create impacts on others.

He even spends his spare time for write blog for ELLE online about wedding. He was also a blogger for Chow Tai Fook Wedding Campaign 2014.

Seeing his effort and dedication, it is not hard to understand the reason for him to be so successful. What he paid was endless blood and sweat. But with passion and satisfaction in the field, he will never give up a single chance to improve and share his experience.

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