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New-born photography in Hong Kong

For no man ever steps in the same river twice, there is no way we can experience again what have already bygone. The expedient is to capture all the precious yet unfortunately transient moments in life. Here is a scenario that we simply know too well: just another ordinary day when you are scrolling aimlessly on Facebook and a reminder with a picture of how you looked like 8 years ago today popped up out of nowhere, you could not help smiling (probably bitterly) for how much you have changed and quietly thankful to Facebook that they have the memory safely kept for you.

Newborn photography is more than pressing the shutter. Every picture is taken under careful calculation and after meticulous consideration. If you believe in the aesthetics and artistry of photography, Daniel Tam, with his expertise and passion in photography, is the one you can entrust to.

A package that fits your need

As a professional and experienced newborn photographer, Daniel can materialise that somehow indescribable and abstract “feeling” you have in mind and present it in a satisfactory way in the photos.

You can opt to have the newborn photoshoot done in Daniel’s spacious and easily access studio, which is equipped with more than sufficient colours backdrops and full of newborn photo props. Daniel, on the other hand, is more than happy to have the newborn photoshoot done in your home at your convenience as well as your newborn.

A new-born photographer that knows what you need

As a loving and caring father himself, Daniel knows how to take care of the new-born as he has once been through the same. He is particularly patient in soothing the new-born.

Daniel is the professional to whom you can entrust. If you are not quite sure about how should the newborn photoshoot should be done, Daniel can provide you with amble ideas based on his competence and know-how of new-born photography. Meanwhile, Daniel opens to idea and would endeavour to cooperate your wishes into the pictures belong to you. Whether you want it to be capturing the intimate bonding between you and your newborn baby, the ought-to-be celebrated femininity of the mother, or a story about turning from two to three, Daniel can always make it happen with his expertise in photography.

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