Testimony 11-20

Testimony #11

Stephanie and Victor (Wedding Day)
Stephanie and Victor WD Review a

Around a year ago, I saw Daniel’s website and was soon attracted by his work. I especially like the videos he made which are unique from other photographers. They are all so sweet in different shooting angles and romantic music. Without hesitation, we decided to choose him as the photographer for our big day to capture the most memorable moments in our lives!

Of course he did not disappoint us. When we first met, we knew that he would be an easy-going person. He likes to wear smile all the time. He would not like those artists who only care about their ‘aesthetic’ point of view without considering the thoughts of the couples.

On our big day, we enjoyed a lot working with Daniel and his crew. Not only Daniel, but also his crew, were all friendly and professional. Daniel taught us how to pose in front of the camera along with some casual talks and we had a good time. His crew also captured different precious moments well. Most importantly, he could response and adjust to different situations promptly, which was so important on wedding day as the schedule was so tight. I recall that we planned to take photos outdoor on a long stairway in Central. However, we were behind schedule, so Daniel soon changed the plan and decided to take the photos at a grand hotel room. Even so, we were still quite satisfied with the products. More than that, I appreciate his work a lot because he would not solely focus on the couple in his camera. He paid special attention to the overall atmosphere so that all our beloved ones could be included in the photos. Different expressions of our friends and families could be captured by Daniel and his crew. I like it a lot when Daniel had some detail and close-up shoots for my dad!

To take photography as his career, Daniel is also a very honest and practical businessman. Even after the wedding day, he still replied us very fast for any enquiry through Whatsapp. He would not mind to do various ad-hoc or follow-up work which was so thoughtful and warm-hearted. We are more than happy to look for him again, especially after seeing those elegant and beautiful pregnancy photos on his website!

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Testimony #12

Phillis and Brian (Prewedding)

philis and brian review 04Like many of clients of Daniel, I found Daniel from Facebook. He offers different photographic style which differentiates himself from others. I was in love with his photos, especially for those with different stunning views, which were like paintings. Hence, I made an appointment with him to plan for my prewedding shooting in Paris. It has always been my wish to save our memories for lifetime in such a romantic city.
I was very impressed when I first met him to discuss about the package. He was totally different from those big agents as he did not give us a hard sell. He would not suggest me to leave the deposit first. Instead, he focused on demonstrating his photos and introducing his photography style. After all, it is the quality of the product that matters. More than that, he was also very honest with his pricing without adding any extra fee afterwards. Therefore, here we go, Paris!
All things went along smoothly in our Paris journey. Daniel arranged all the things well, including transportation, make-up artist and photography assistant. Daniel and his crew were so humorous and made the trip even more enjoyable and exciting. Even we were not professional models, we did not feel exhausted or challenging as Daniel taught us patiently to strike some natural and comfortable poses. We were not like other couples in Paris whose poses were quite stiff. What’s more? Daniel always tried his very best to take some good photos of us. He even lied on ground to shoot at the best angle without capturing the people around us! That was why most of the photos were as exquisite as paintings. He is talented in capturing precisely the right moment! I will never forget the moment when Daniel took us photos under the colourful Eiffel Tower during UEFA EURO 2016. The experience was so good that we even found Daniel again for taking another indoor studio photo shootings. The second time was a portrait photography which was a total different experience from the Paris one. The first one was about elegance and romance vibe in Paris but I like the second album even more in that our vivid facial expressions could be precisely captured. I highly recommend people to have a try with the indoor shooting. Indeed, we had so much fun and, it was a fantastic experience to work with Daniel!
Not only we enjoyed so much with the shooting experience, but we also love the products, like the photo books and the canvas. The qualities of wooden frame and the texture of the canvas were good. The layouts and the designs of the photo books were perfect. The photo books were even engraved with our names which we have never expected. We will definitely look for Daniel again in the near future!

philis and brian review 01

Testimony #13

Christine and Jun (Prewedding + Wedding Day)

christine and jun review 02

We learn of Daniel through the internet. Back then, there are very few wedding photographers, let alone one to be so remarkable. Thus, we immediately choose Daniel.
What we expect is something very simple but Daniel makes them really elegant.
For pre-wedding photo, we decide to take them in Prague, a very romantic city. Daniel has been very helpful throughout the whole time. He provides very professional suggestions from what style of clothes fits me to where should we go in the trip.
Unluckily, even though we are so prepared, on the day before we have our trip, there is the European flood which hits Prague rather badly. Jun and I are rather concerned about the situation and wonder if we can still have the photo shooting at Prague. However, Daniel is always so reliable. He tries his best to get updated with the situation in Prague from his friends there and updates us so as to calm us down.
At the end, we still go there and everything goes smoother than we expected. Although we do not visit the famous Charles Bridge which we put in our itinerary at the very beginning, we are not pity for that because we have a very enjoyable shooting with Daniel. In fact, Jun is not very keen on shooting and he gets tired very easily. Yet, during our long shooting days, we are still very enthusiastic when we return to the hotel, talking about what happens on that day. Even after we finish our shooting when we travel back to these places, the happy and romantic moments reveal to us.
Of course, one year later when we get married, I immediately find Daniel for our big day and Daniel never disappoints us.
I have once asked Daniel, “even we, who might have to repeat the same things in work every day, will get a little blue once for a while. What keeps you so energetic when you are often shooting at the same place?” He replies, “Even for the same place, with different people, there will be different picture.” I think only person who is very passionate in his job can he have such an answer.
I hope Daniel will be there for us to save all the valuable moments in our life. christine and jun review 03 christine and jun review 04

christine and jun review 01

Testimony #14

Phoebe and Eric (Prewedding + Wedding + Pregnancy)

Phoebe and Eric Review 01 My husband and I would like to give a big thanks to Daniel for his good work.
Daniel has always been our choice when we first saw his work on the internet. His style is not too standardised which couples take in studio with standardised pose. They are more unique with emotion and character of the couples.
To be frank, everyone wants their photo to be flawless but Daniel does not choose to use Photoshop to cover that up for us. Instead, he tries to use his experience and professional knowledge to guide us. At the end, the photographs turn out to be very beautiful and very “us”.
Besides, Daniel tries his very best to satisfy our need. Wedding is one of the most important days in our life. We would like to go back to a lot of places where we left precious memories. That makes our schedule very packed. However, at the end, we can still make it. That is very impressive and the photos are still of very high quality.
Another problem I concern is the atmosphere of the shooting. Since we were having our pre-wedding overseas, we have to spend a long time with the photographer. Daniel turns out to be very nice and cheerful which makes us very comfortable and adapted to the shooting. He even helps us to heat up the atmosphere of our wedding which makes it more enjoyable for our guests.
Thank you again for the beautiful pictures and we are looking forward to your photo taking for our new family member soon.

Phoebe and Eric Review 03

Phoebe and Eric Review 02

Testimony #15

Mag and Sam (Prewedding + Pregnancy + Newborn)

mag and sam hong kong prewedding

It has been a few years since we start asking Daniel to take photos for us. We have never been as thankful as always for all the shootings.
All of this begins when Sam and I decide to spend the rest of our life together. I remember back then, there are already many photography companies out there but only Daniel’s photos catch our attention. When I see my colleague’s photos, I am so impressed by how natural and beautiful they are, especially the outdoor landscape ones. Thus, we begin our journey with him.
Our first shooting dates back to our pre-wedding. We go to several places to do that and of course, his work is delightful as always. During the process, he shares his life experience with us. This keeps both Sam and I a good spirit and prepared for our future together. We adore the photos a lot.⁠⁠⁠
Then, I have my first child and then when I bear my second baby, I realize it is a very miracle moment I want to keep in my life. Daniel’s name immediately comes up to my mind. So again, he helps me to freeze this precious pregnant moment for me and my family. The pose he teaches me really bring out the unique shapes for a mother. Instead of looking clumsy, I am more proud of myself for being a mum, bearing the baby.
Later when my little daughter is born, I bring her to Daniel again. Daniel is always very observant. The photo he takes surprises us. It is our 1-month old daughter smiling.
Daniel is there for us through our entire journey not only as a photographer but a friend. He is a magician who freezes the best moment of our memory. We hope to seeing his magic soon in our journey.
Mag and Sam

Mag and Sam Review 01


Testimony #16

Judy and Karl (Wedding Day)
Judy and Karl Review 07

I was Daniel’s fitness coach before and we have known each other since then. Having viewed Daniel’s updates of his works on Facebook, my wife and I simply love his photography style, so we decided to have him as our wedding photographer.
On our wedding day, we first set off from my wife’s house to the Cyberport Hotel. As my wife is a half Korean, we dressed up in traditional hanbok for the family shoot. Daniel patiently led our parents and gave us clear instructions on where to stand and how to hold certain postures, so that he could capture all the precious smiles from the best angle.
After that, we went to a hotel in Repulse Bay for registration and wedding ceremony. At the banquet, Daniel showed us some videos of our parents that he has recorded in the morning. This was the most unforgettable point of the day. It reminded us that the wedding did not merely belong to me and my wife, but our parents as well. The message of love passing on from one to the next generation was perfectly conveyed through his shots. We love how Daniel could snatch the intimacy among people, bringing every fading moment to a timeless photo; and this is exactly what made him stand out from the other photographers.
After we have received the photo app, we are amazed by the quality of his works. Prior to the shoot, we gave him a framework about what we expected in the shoot for his reference. He really toke our words into deep consideration and the effects are just the same as discussed. Also, we think the photo app is very user-friendly as we can share the photos to our family and friends right away.
Daniel is a nice, easygoing and humorous person. He is good at getting along with the guests around and pumping up the atmosphere, which brings a very good effect to our wedding photos. Indeed, he is also a professional photographer with lots of incredible ideas. If you are confident in him and are willing to let him take charge of the shoot, the final products will go beyond your expectations and definitely surprise you.
All in all, I would recommend Daniel to any couple. He was a pleasure to work with and we couldn’t be happier with the photos he took. Million thanks to Daniel and your team!

Judy and Karl Review 01

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Judy and Karl Review 03

Testimony #17

Andrea and Antonio (Prewedding + Wedding Day + Pregnancy + Baby)
Review Andrea and Antonio 02

When my husband and I started planning for our pre-wedding shoots, one of my friends had recommended several photographers to us. To be honest, it was hard to decide on which one to choose since many of their works are of great and professional qualities, but Daniel’s utterly amazing photos had eventually caught my eyes. We were in love with the soft hues and tone in his shoots, as if the couple are merged with the magnificent natural scenery as a whole.

Florence is renowned for its vintage and romantic aura, so we had chosen it as the location for our pre-wedding shoot. Before we set off, Daniel scheduled all the places with breathtaking views for shooting. This really set us at ease as we totally had no idea about where would be the good spots. Apart from that, Daniel offered us help on styling as well. For example, he suggested me choosing a wedding gown with voluminous layers, which would effortlessly go well with the European rugged road, the boundless ocean and the vast sky. Thus, I end up rented the gown from a bridal company introduced by him. As this was our first time being a so-called ‘model’ and shooting in a foreign country, Daniel led us along the way so that we could focus on our shoot without worries. I remembered that there were a few drops of rain when we had just arrived at Florence. Fortunately, it did not affect much and the gloomy sky created a unique visual effect for our shoot. Most importantly, he taught us how to pose and I look really slim in the photos. Thanks Daniel for capturing these beautiful moments from the very best angle!

As we are truly impressed by the pre-wedding photos, we were pumped to know that Daniel would be our photographer on our wedding day. On that day, we were busy welcoming our guests and handling other stuffs. Daniel was so cordial and professional that he just kept taking photographs aside. When I received the photo app, I just realized he has recorded so many touching moments that we were so grateful to have.

After cooperating with Daniel twice, we are undoubtedly confident of his photography skills. Thus, we let him to do our newborn baby’s portraits. Though our baby kept wriggling all the time, Daniel patiently swaddled her in blanket again and again, hoping to seize the cutest sides of her.

In a nutshell, Daniel is a really comfortable person to work with. He is detail-minded, friendly and professional, whose quality of works can always surprise us by exceeding our expectations. Each photo he took reminds me of the precious memories in my life. I will definitely recommend Daniel to my friends if they are in need of a photographer. Million thanks to Daniel and your team!

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Testimony #18

Michelle and Louie (Wedding Day)

Review Michelle and Louie 01I would like to say a big thank you to Daniel for his good work.

To be honest, when Louie and I decide to get married, we have looked through all the photographers online. However, when we see Daniel’s works which are all very natural and unique, we immediately ask him for a presentation.

He has left us a very remarkable impression once we first meet him. Back then, he gives us a presentation beforehand and he can clearly show us samples of different styles from folders. We are surprised by how organized he is because if he is not taking all of these shooting so seriously, he would not have remembered their place so well. This is also why we finally choose him.

Throughout the whole shooting process, Daniel has been very helpful. Not only does he teach us how to prose, he also gives us confidence. As I have mentioned, he takes everything very serious and also our needs. The prose and scene he chooses are all up to our standard and fit our taste.

Even though there is also some unexpected scenario, Daniel can still save us from disaster, like the day of our wedding. Before the day of our wedding, it is forecast that there will be rain on our big day which really freak me out since I would like to take a lot of photo outdoor. What he does to calm me down is talking with me the night before our wedding. He provides me with backup plans and shows up very early in the morning so as to help me out a little in handling the sudden situation.

Apart from the bad weather, everything goes very well and the atmosphere is very nice. Daniel is such a delightful person that wherever he is, there is happiness. His humor is a lot of help throughout the process and brings a lot of joy to our big day. He also takes our family members very seriously. We agree that on our big day, we should not be the only focus but also the ones we love- our family. The photo of my father-in-law has even made the highlight of that night!

On the night of our wedding, Daniel has secretly prepared a surprise for me but I am too busy in the make-up room that I miss it. However, Daniel does not just leave it. He sends it back to me right away. When I finally have time the other day and watch this little present from him, I cannot keep my tear running out of my eyes. The valuable and touching moments that I have missed reveals in front of me. Besides, how Daniel has cared for me is really heart- warming.

Until now, I can still feel the love on that day whenever I play the video.

Thank you again, Daniel for making my big day so vivid to me even till now. I will definitely ask you to help soon.

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Review Michelle and Louie 02

Review Michelle and Louie 04

Review Michelle and Louie 03

Testimony #19

Candy and Stephen (Wedding Day + Pregnancy)

candy and stephen review 02Thank you Daniel for giving us a great shooting experience for the wedding day and the pregnancy shoot! Daniel was not our photographer for the prewedding photos, but we found him from Facebook as we were not too satisfied with the prewedding photos. His profile was absolutely stunning, which made him stand out from other photographers, especially when his style was what we want!
I found him a very nice and approachable person when we were having a meeting to talk about the shooting details. Comparing him to other photographers, he paid extra attention to what I want, but not just his own aesthetic point of view. He respected my preference and tried his best to achieve the style that I wanted.
I hired two photography crews on my wedding day but Daniel’s team was really different from the other team. They were professional, but very easy-going and humorous at the same time, which made the shooting experience very smooth and joyful for us and our parents. Instead of asking us to strike different poses, he would rather capture the natural moments of happiness. It was difficult but Daniel handled it well with his good techniques and experience. Also, we were not professional models and might not be too sensitive to the cameras. Daniel and his crew would then make some jokes so that we would smile naturally in front of the cameras. Throughout the day, we were quite comfortable in working with Daniel.
What impressed me a lot was his attitude and passion in photography. There was a signature spot at Ritz Carlton where every couple would take pictures there. Instead of taking pictures there, Daniel would find some unique spots and angles to give us a unique album. His photos are definitely creative and elegant. Working with him was fun and adventurous.
We were all very satisfied with the products, no matter for the photos or the videos, especially when comparing to the products from another photography team. Daniel was not only doing a business. He treated us as friends and gave us suggestions in choosing the photos. We were grateful to have him as our photographer so we soon found him again for the pregnancy shoot. That was another delightful experience as well. He tried his best to satisfy my want in taking the photos in different styles, even though we only had two hours. He did not mind to work overtime. Therefore, I will surely look for him again in any precious and important occasion in the future. I will also recommend him to my friends! Again, thank you Daniel!
candy and stephen review 01

candy and stephen review 03

candy and stephen review 04

candy and stephen review 05

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Testimony #20

Cici and Bryan (Prewedding)


Review Cici and Byran 人夾人,Daniel 可能是最夾我地的攝影師,一個比客人自由發揮長處的攝影師,影d野有一部份完全是free style,用kai,用hyper 黎形容我地呢pair完全無問題,同佢地一d壓力都無,可以影4,5個鐘都唔會攰,學Daniel口頭禪。。。真係正,btw段behind the sence video咩風格宦要考下佢眼光,走funny路線定elegant路線好XDDDD,thanks for everything

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